Sunday, March 7, 2010

You have to learn sometime

Earlier this year, I saw a fabulous scarf on the Purl Bee and decided I was going to learn how to knit.  Jen was kind enough to send out a word of caution, "It's hard" ... so I decided to try an easy scarf first. 

I finished this one back in February ... it's 6" x 92" and made from a nubby yarn ... it was an interesting first attempt.  The thick yarn was ideal for hiding mistakes ... but because of the thick yarn, I still have no idea what a proper knitting stitch looks like. 

This is my "cabin scarf" ... e.g. not ready for prime time.  It's been great having around my neck all weekend long as I still work to get over this horrible cough.  I learned a little with this scarf, not enough to tackle the scarf I really want to make, but enough to know that, unlike quilting, I'm going to need some interaction with real people (not just virtual) to perfect my knitting. 

In the interim, there are 3 different colors and textures of yarn I have collected ... maybe this cold is the quiet time I need to try the next project. 

While it's not ready for city wear ... I like the simplicity of it and it is definitely a "must wear" every time I walk out the door at the cabin. 

What have you done with your early ... not for prime-time creations ?

All the best


  1. What a great scarf! I've never knitted a scarf. I know how to do the basic knit and purl stitch, but haven't made a scarf yet. I'm sure I will someday. I usually crochet scarves b/c I can crank them out pretty quick. I use to sell most of my scarves, or give them as gifts to family and friends. Of course the ones that aren't for prime time..I keep for myself! The one thing I don't like about knitting is that when I accidentally drop a stitch, I don't know how to recover it. Or I really screw it up trying to recover it. So then I have to rip all of it out and start all over...very frustrating! My aunt is coming here in a few days and she's a big time knitter. I think I'll have her show me how to recover a dropped stitch!

  2. I like this scarf; I think it is just fine for city wear! Great job. :)


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