New labels have arrived!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am pleased to say the new labels have arrived ... thanks so much for the advice everyone! 

Turns out that it was part me and part the supplier that I was trying to use.  

One of my vanpool partners offered to edit the file for me (she's a graphic designer, so she actually made it look better too!).  After she worked her magic, I resent her awesome work in the PDF to the original supplier.  Unfortunately, they came back the next day and said that it still didn't work.

A quick look on the internet and I found  I ordered them on Thursday night at about 8:30PM (sent the same file that the previous supplier said wouldn't work).  I received an email first thing Friday morning and they arrived the in the mail today (Monday) ... talk about service.

It was $60 for 140 labels ... but I'm pretty sure that they will last for a couple of years ... so all in all ... not too bad.  

Thanks again for the advice and I am so happy to be back in labels as the elf shop opens for the season!

Hope all is well with all of you!

Need some advice ...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

So EXCITED to say that I quilted in my new 'studio' last night ... but that's a post for another day.

I started on an unfinished top that I've had laying around for over a year.  Decided to straight-line quilt which is going fine on the top ...

But here's what's happening on the backside ...

It's a puckering convention ...

I am using my new Juki with a walking foot.  But it's as if I am sewing on my 30-year old Pfaff without a walking foot.

Obviously the seam ripper will be used this afternoon and I will need to go back to my standard quilting ... sigh ... I had really hoped to do something different for this one.  Particularly as it is going in an auction in December to raise money for a woman recent diagnosed with non-Lodgkins Lymphoma.

Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?


Cabin quilting ...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am fortunate to have a great cabin to relax at over weekends ... and an indulgent husband who whole heartedly supports my hobby!

On the way out here on Friday night, I stopped at JoAnn's to pick up some solids for a quilt for a wedding that took place in late August (yup ... still a lot of catching up to do ;-).

I had seen this flying geese quilt on Pinterest and loved it!  Turns out it's a Denise Schmidt quilt and she has a pattern (SCORE!!!).  I went to download it yesterday ... only to discover that you cannot download her patterns, you have to wait for them to be sent snail mail.  Not wanting to wait the 2 weeks her website it would take, and quite honestly, a bit tweaked that a big name quilter like DS has not actually embraced the internet, I gave up on the pattern.

So ... sigh ... my first attempt at flying geese was going to need to be a different design.

Off I went, unpacking my machine, pulled out the cutting mat and ruler from under the bed and I was set to work ... for about 30 seconds ... next discovery was that I had left the 'gadget' box that holds my scissors, seam ripper, bobbins, sewing machine feet, pin cushion, etc.  - even at this point, the pedal and cords for my machine which I had brought out.  After a 5-minute mental debate, I was off for the 40 minute drive to JoAnn's for a few basics.

When you really think about it ... there are only a couple of things I really needed ... but without the ability to cut ...

Fortunately, I have a machine that I bought on e-Bay 3-years ago.  So I pulled that one out.  I also let all old cutting mats find a home at the cabin ... so all I really needed were cutting implements.  And NOW I have some I can leave out here should this ever happen again.

I did make some progress on the quilt and am really busy ripping out all the quilting that I have done on a Christmas Tree skirt (post to come).

Hope you had a great weekend.

All the best

Welcome to technology ... or not ...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Days like today make me realize just how inept I am when it comes to technology ... any advice on this would sure be welcome ...

I am running out of labels.  My current label was designed and ordered back in 2009.  Time for an update.

I have a MacBook Pro.  I created the following in Word.  I took a screen shot of it from Preview and then brought it into Preview from the clipboard.  Then I saved it to a PDF.

Apparently, that didn't work.  Dianna from Custom Couture Label Company came back and said that it's too pixilated and the font is not embedded in the PDF.

Truth be known ... I only understand the "too pixilated" part ... but don't know how to fix that either and I don't have a clue how to embed the font ...

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this done ... Christmas is drawing near ;-).

Any and all thoughts welcome!

It has been waaaaay too long ...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am back ... it has been awhile ... it isn't that I haven't been blogging ... it has that I haven't been sewing ... but I am back ...

There were some very challenging extended family issues over the past 3 months.  They are now behind us ... we have moved on and I am slowly healing from the rough patches and really happy to be getting back to sewing/quilting.

It's cathartic ... it's an outlet ... I love doing it and am way behind where I wanted to be for some family events this year.

My first step back is not a quilt ... it's a couple of sewing projects that I am behind on.

First the pouf ... some of you may remember that I made this quilt as one of my first commission quilts last year.  It was commissioned for "J" by his godmother "D".   "D" saw a pouf that I had made for a little one's birthday present back in the summer and asked if I would make one for "J" for his first birthday.  I am a little late ... but it's done (she knew timing wouldn't be optimal when she asked for me to make it).

"J" and his parents live in a loft in San Franciso ... so I didn't want to make something that looked to babyish ... I wanted it to look at home in the open loft and tie to the quilt that I made last year.
I made my own piping for the first time ... far SIMPLER than I had ever anticipated!  If you're interested ... you can find the links for the tutorials as follows:
Over the past few months ... I was often in a position where I had to drop everything at the ring of the phone ... needless to say ... a lot of plans ended up getting cancelled at the very last minute.  That includes my cut & color appointment with the BEST stylist ever ... Vivian.  In 6 years, Vivian has taught me not to hate my curls (as I had for the previous 40+ years), but to embrace them with a great cut AND great product to help.

She's expensive and hard to get appointments with ... but totally worth it all.  In August, I had to cancel on 30 minutes notice which usually results in a 50% charge.  I get it ... she's a professional and owns her own business.  She graciously scheduled me for a new appointment a week later on her day off so that I didn't have to wait for ever.

She complimented me on my bag when I came in -- love that fun look when you tell someone that you made it!
When I asked her what I owed her for the missed appointment ... she suggested that a bag would make us even.
She said she loved orange and I spent some time on my iPhone when I was under the dryer and came up with some fabric options ... her preference was Orange ... and disturbingly for me ... a large chevron.

The reason I was nervous about the large chevron is that I am a quilter ... not a seamstress ... matching those chevrons had me really really worried.  In the end ... I cut and made it this morning and am pleased to say that the concern was warranted ... but not insurmountable ... and here it is.
It's not perfect ... but they do match and that's half the battle.

This too comes from a great tutorial out there.

Happy to be back and slowly getting to some quilt designs and hope to be back in the saddle soon ...

Happy November ...

All the best
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