Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colorful quilt

I don't have a design wall ... so I use the queen size bed in my guest room to lay out my quilts.  Then I stand on a bench and take a photo ... which helps me sort through the layout of the blocks.  This one still needs some work ... too many white centers in top right corner.  I also like to sleep on it for a night and see if it looks different the next day.

This one is REALLY busy ... I find it hard, when I wander from "my style" to know whether it really works or not.  It is certainly an interesting combination ... and with none of the white space that I typically like to use ... I find the eye doesn't really have anywhere to rest.

I like the pattern and can't wait to try it with some solids!!! 

Well ... off to bed.  Busy day tomorrow and then some serious house hunting this weekend (and that's a whole different story ;-).

All the best


  1. I audition my blocks as well. My design wall is either a piece of bamboo batting or the top of our queen size bed. A solid red or black instead of the white would certainly change the look. Good luck house hunting.

  2. I think the blocks with the white on the outer edge give the eye a place to rest. You could possibly add a few more of those if you want to reduce the busyness. It is hard to work outside your usual style!

  3. I like how this quilt is shaping up, even though you consider it busy! Beautiful colors.


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