Friday, March 19, 2010

This one's for me !!!

A first ... the first time that I've made a quilt for me!  I've made one for "us", and John even got one for his birthday, but I've never made one just for me. 

This is a special one, as I mentioned here, it pulls together many scraps from the 39 quilts that I have made since I started quilting in May 2009. 

I quilted it with an overall meandering pattern ... but fairly tight ... I love how the tight quilting works on the white (sateen from JoAnns), particularly when washed and dried on hot.  The quilt REALLY shrunk, it started at 57" x 62" and ended up at 52" x 58".  The binding is also pieced from scraps as is the piecing on the back.

I had some fun photographing this one in the setting sun out at the cabin tonight ... so bear with me as I share ...

Have a great weekend!  Sounds like it's going to be fairly good weather across the US ;-).

All best


  1. Love the quilt - the setting sun just makes it glow in the photos!

  2. beautiful! What a great idea! Now you have something for yourself that every time you look at it you will get a reminder of all the lovlies you've sent to other people! You are very creative, you're quilts are gorgeous!

  3. Oooo; I heart this! You are an amazing quilter--39 in less than a year?! And this is your first quilt just for you? Wow.

  4. Thanks ladies ... really enjoyed curling up under it in front of the TV & wood-burning stove last night ... I'm in LOVE with this one ;-)

  5. I must make one of these for myself! Love it!


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