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I am Lisa and American expat who lives in England with my British husband and our English Setter, Finn. I am the daughter of an amazing seamstress who made us beautiful clothing when we were kids. While she tried hard to teach me to sew when I was younger, I probably could have paid more attention.  Fast forward 30 years and I am now a self-taught quilter, seamstress and pattern designer.  

It started back in 2009 when I wanted to make some throw quilts to use in a new cabin that we were building in the woods.  I made over 100 quilts for family and friends over the next 8 years as I worked full time but found relaxation and rejuvenation in quilting.  When I retired in 2016, I expanded my interests and began selling window awnings for tear-drop trailers in an Etsy shop.  

Since we moved to England in 2020, I have stopped selling awnings and have been more focused on my passion of quilting. But other form of creativity are always a lot of fun and bags have been added to my list of fun ways to spend my time. I still design and sell patterns in my shop.

I am often asked why "Shinersview"?  Shiner was our first English Setter—she was an optimistic girl, ALWAYS convinced the perfect bird was just around the corner, or that a snake was hiding under a rock, or her humans must clearly be wanting to throw a frisbee or a stick for her if they just had one in their hands.  She seemed to move through her day with unbridled energy.  We used to joke in my family that life would be so simple if we just had "Shiner's view".  So when I first opened my Flickr account way back when ... I was trying to look at things through Shiner's view of the world ... and the name just kinda stuck.

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  1. have been searching for the mid century modern quilt, you said you no longer have the tutorial is that the pattern going to print this year. I am interested (obsessed) with making it for my grandpas house he left to my mom. I feel your grief for the loss of your dad. Mine grandpa was one of a kind not a day goes by I don't think of him!!

    1. I hope to launch several patterns this year that may meet your needs. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

  2. I have just started to learn to quilt and found your patterns doing a mid century mod search on Etsy. I live in MCM townhouse in DC and CAN'T WAIT to get a couple of more under my belt so I can make at least one of yours for our house! My husband is great with color so it will definitely be a group project. Thanks for making such great patterns!


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