Grand-dad again!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

John's about to become a grand-dad again!  My husband has three sons and come January ... all three of them will be daddies!

He's heading up to Toronto to visit all three of his sons and celebrate his grandson's 5th and granddaughter's 1st birthdays (kind of them to be born within 2 weeks of each other to make the trips easier ;-).  So he's going to take this quilt with him on the trip for the next little guy!

For this quilt, I used my 5 + One Square Tutorial.  I used the remaining piece I had of Alexander Henry 3D Zoo fabric I had left over from the Giraffes on this quilt as the base fabric.  The sashing is Kona Coal and then I picked out some Kona solids from my LQS.

I didn't have enough of the 3D Zoo to do all of the large squares in that fabric, so I alternated and did some in the print and others in solids ... but all blocks have at least one square in the print.

The squares around the perimeter are 1.5" cut and ~1" as finished.

I thought of ordering more of the 3D Zoo fabric for the front, but was fearful that the dye lots wouldn't match, so I ordered 1/2 yard of the print in the smaller scale for the back, where I also incorporated more of the 1" squares from the front.

I finished it with a reasonably tight meandering quilting pattern in a gray thread.

I have to say, I am smitten ... the colors worked really well together and I find it fun and soothing at the same time ... just like a baby quilt should be!

I had a relaxing weekend at the cabin quilting ... while John attempted to repair the damage the deer have done to the garden over the past several weeks since we've been out.  We're pretty easy going with it ... it's "their neighborhood" and we run the risk of planting out here and them finding their dessert ... but unfortunately, it has been such a dry summer, that they are looking extra hard and stripped a number of young trees of their bark.  We departed tonight with a lot of duct tape on the trees ... we'll see if John's internet search results pay off in a month or two.

But two flowers that did survive ... are the 8' sunflowers!  Enjoy ...

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!

All the best

Obstacles to quilting ...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anyone with a dog (or cat for that matter) understands this photo.

For those that don't have a dog ... she needed her own quilt to keep her off mine.

... btw ... still didn't work, stepped away a couple of times to come back & find her on the WIP.

Quilting tomorrow ;-)

All the best

Bunch of squares completed!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My version of "what a bunch of squares" by Denise Schmidt.  This is for my brother for his 35th business ... only 5 months late ;-).

My thanks to the readers who gave me input on how to quilt ... this was minimally quilted and I am actually quite happy with how it came out!

The back is a little different ... not sure I would call it 'reversible', but I do like the colors on the back.

I made this significantly larger than normal after the over-shrinking that I have been having on queen size quilts ... this one is much better sized.  

I kinda took the summer off ... enjoyed it ... but happy to be back quilting again ... see you soon!

All the best

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