New diagnosis

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We have a new ribbon in our family ... this one is for Prostate Cancer ... and it's for my husband, John.

It is with optimism that I share this ribbon ... because, like me, his cancer was found relatively early, and that means we have options, we have hope and we likely have a future.

I don't share for sympathy ... but I do share for the continued warning that early detection quite literally makes the difference between life and death ...

And for the 2nd time in 11 years ... we are proof of that.

So I continue to share my message ... if your body is sending you new signals ... go see your doctor ... and if your doctor is not willing to help you get to the bottom of it ... find a new doctor.

I was turned away by my doc 3 times before my Ovarian Cancer was discovered ... thank goodness I am a pain in the ass ...

Fortunately, John's doc was in the fight with him from the beginning ... we will have a good ending ... I am confident ...

And I hope to be back to quilting soon ...

All the best
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