Monday, March 15, 2010

Over the Top?

Laurel over at Lively Stitches has honored me with this blog award ;-)

And apparently there are some questions I'm supposed to answer:
  1. Where is your cell phone? window sill (so I can get coverage)
  2. Your hair? curly and short
  3. Your mother?  currently serving on an 18 month grand jury (thank goodness there's someone who wants to do this )
  4. Your father?  getting grumpier as time goes on
  5. Your favorite food?  popcorn
  6. Your dream last night?  I was interviewing ... it's daytime and nighttime these days
  7. Your favorite drink?  red wine ;-)
  8. Your dream goal?  a balanced life
  9. What room are you in? Kitchen
  10. Your hobby? Gardening, quilting, home remodeling
  11. Your fear? short life
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  retired
  13. Where were you last night?  quilting in the mudroom
  14. Something you aren't?  a runner ... but I sure am trying!
  15. Muffins?  Cranberry orange
  16. Wish list item?  a job
  17. Where did you grow up?  all over, I'm an army brat
  18. Last thing you did?  ate dinner
  19. What are you wearing?  Fleece
  20. Your TV?  off
  21. Your Pets?  2 English Setters (Madigan & Emma)
  22. Your life?  special
  23. Your friends?  patient
  24. Your mood?  anxious
  25. Missing someone?  nope
  26. Your car?  9-year-old Lexus
  27. Something you are not wearing?  my glasses
  28. Your favorite store?  Value Village (I kid you not ;-)
  29. Your favorite color?  blue
  30. Last time you laughed?  during dinner
  31. Last time you cried?  this morning
  32. Your best friend?  my husband
  33. One place you go over and over?  the cabin
  34. One person who emails you regularly?  Lisa -- she checks up on my mood as I slug thru this job hunt
  35. Favorite place to eat?  on the deck
OK ... now I'm supposed to pass off to ... I'm with everyone else ... I think all bloggers who are willing to share and open parts of themselves up to share and bring joy to others are deserving ... but I'll go ahead and pass on to a few to keep this thing going ...

All the best

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa; yay! It's nice getting to know you. And you play nicely; you answer all the questions!


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