Sunday, March 14, 2010

Colorful quilt -- part II

I was really struggling with this ... and short of starting to rip stuff out ... wasn't quite sure where to go with it.  In the end, I decided to take the white blocks out and line the blocks up ... I felt that it made it look more cohesive and a little less like a jigsaw puzzle. 
I am hoping, as usual, that this one grows on me as I quilt it ... had some more fun in the LQS today picking out binding and backing. 

Emma seems quite interested ... not in the quilt, but the thought that there might be something behind it ;-)
All the best


  1. Removing the white blocks made the difference. Beautiful quilt!

  2. love it! It totally reminds me of these storage boxes! Very cute!

  3. I do like it better without the white, actually. BTW I'm giving you a blog award; mosey on over to my blog to get it!

  4. Mam ... it did make a big difference ... thanks for your thoughts!
    Jen ... how funny, you're right!
    Laurel ... you're so sweet!

  5. It is better without the white blocks - shows how much I know! Nice job!

  6. I'm with you ... I thought the white blocks would help ... guess just not with that style ... my husband is actually the one that picked up on it in the photo.


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