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Monday, February 6, 2017

A good friend asked me to make a quilt for her to gift to someone for a new baby.  This is the 3rd baby quilt she's commissioned from me ... with the other two here and here.  Thrilled that she trusts me to make the 3rd (and actually 4th and 5th that were ordered at the same time), I set to work creating a design that would work for her -- a light and bright quilt with rainbow colors (but not in a rainbow) and some Hawaiian prints.

As with many quilts I design ... it started with a design on excel.   The finished size of each square is 4", which creates a design that is 56" x 44".

With 7 colors in the rainbow, there are ~22 squares from each color.  I started with white as the offset color for each square.  However, as it came to life on Excel, the white seemed to make the pattern stand out more than the colors and it literally looked like I had a bunch of white staircases on the page ;-).

Given the clients asks, I wanted to visually bring the colors to the front, not the pattern on the quilt. By using a set of neutrals, instead of all white, it seemed to calm the pattern down a bit.  For the neutral half of each block, I used fabrics in the white, natural, cream and ash grays.

For the back, I used Kona Snow (about 1/3) and Kona Ash (about 2/3).  The two colors were bisected by pieced colored print fabrics from the front.  

The binding is a gray cross-hatch.  I like the neutral with the vast amount of color in the quilt.

After the washer and dryer ... the quilt has now shrunk down to 51" x 40".

In the end, I still haven't finished the initial commissioned quilt -- I am awaiting a label for the back that I had printed at Spoonflower.  But I liked it so much, I made another one!  Which is the one that you see above.  AND ... I had another friend who saw my initial Excel post on Instagram and she has commissioned a larger version for herself -- with a twist.  Which I will share in a few weeks when it's complete.

Hope all is going well out there.

All the best,

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