Cabin Thrifting

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love Value Village!  Presenting last night's finds for the cabin ...

No more hauling the Cuisinart from house to house ... look at this workhorse ...

Yup ... you read it right ... $7.99.  Why you ask?  The blade is missing.  Following a quick trip to Amazon when we returned home, sometime next week we will have a working Cuisinart at the cabin for around $30 (including the blade)!  A quick trip through the dishwasher for the moving parts and a little bleach on the base and we are good to go!

John  has 'volunteered' to make 2 more Adirondack chairs for the cabin ... so of course, I needed more stadium blankets for those chilly nights ... found two in perfect condition, for $2.99 and $3.99 respectively.

Someday I'll share the love affair I had with Craigslist when we built the cabin 2 years ago ;-)

All the best

Solid Scraps

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I dreamt up this idea last month to use up some of my solid scraps.

I started with this:
My solids scrap bag
Which were then cut up and turned into this:
Little pieces
Which then became this:
Test block
And now it's grown into plans for a queen size quilt ... which means that despite the volume of solid scraps I had ... I don't have enough.

Enter a new order from Pink Chalk Fabrics ;-)
My first Solid FQ Collection purchase
4 yards (16 FQs) of fabulous color!  That should be enough to finish this up!

Given the length of time this is taking ... I'll give you an update in a few months ;-).

And it was a gorgeous day (finally) at the cabin today!

All the best

!@#$%^&*#@ !!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ugh ... found out I made, and taped, a back for a 60" x 69" quilt top ... unfortunately, I made a 60" x 80" quilt top ...

This is why I like to focus on one project at a time!

They look how I felt about an hour ago when I figured this out ... (their frustration, however, was centered on having been ordered out of the kitchen for the 10th time).

Hope you're having a more productive weekend ...

All the best

A little cabin living ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The fire set

I love camping!  And since the cabin was completed 2 years ago ... my husband has struggled to understand why we would want to sleep in a tent ... so there has been no camping.

What I really came to realize that I missed most was not the tent sleeping, but the campfire!  So as part of the 50th birthday that keeps on giving (and hopefully will all year ;-), my fabulous husband bought me a new fire ring and built two adirondack chairs to go with it!

He started with this book and plan.
And then assembled them here.
and here

Before staining them barn red (yes, I know they look pink in the photo ... but they are a perfect shade of red).

To complete the set, for $6.98, I was able to pick up two throws at Value Village to keep us warm on the chilly summer nights we get here in the pacific northwest.

We christened everything Friday night ...

... I am thinking it might be time to put the camping gear up for sale on Craigslist ...

Didn't he do a great job ?!?!?

Update:  The book that he used with the pattern is Better Homes & Gardens Furniture Projects

All the best

If I were a knitter ...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I would SO want to knit these!!!
Sock Kit for Ovarian Cancer
The Skacel Collection, a wholesaler of high-end yarns and needles, has introduced the "Egg-stra" Special Sock Kit.  Designed by Rosemary "Chappy" Chapman, the Teal color of Trekking in this kit is the official color designated to ovarian cancer, and has been specially dyed just for this cause.  Every design aspect of this sock, from the cuff to the toe, is a reminder to all of us that ovarian cancer can be beaten if we, as women, unite.  

Skacel will be donating $15.00 for each kit sold, to the Marsha Rivken Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.  To date ... they have already raised $34,550 of their goal of $100,000.
The owner of Skacel's sister, Susanne, is now a 3 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer.  I met Susanne last week at the kick off for a summer fund raiser to support the Rivken center.  

Sadly, 10-years after having been diagnosed with this disease ... Susanne is the only other survivor that I have ever met ... there just aren't enough of us.  Susanne is doing well and I was so happy to introduce myself and let her know that I am about to hit 10 years! 

Know the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)
Recognizing and knowing that the change in my "urinary urgency and frequency" is why I am alive today.  It took 3 months to convince my doctor that there was an issue ... but we still caught it early enough.

I am not a knitter ... but I know some, and I am definitely going to buy a few of these for them ... won't you join me in helping raise money for such a worthy cause?

And thanks to all of you for continuing to help me spread the word ... please help me share the message ...

All the best

I will be a pillow very soon ;-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I tried to get this completed before we went over to a friends for dinner tonight as a little gift for her ... but new patterns sometimes take a little time ... I am really happy I tried it though as I think there may be a wall hanging of this, or of Lynne's version, in the cabin sometime in the near future ...

Blue + Blue = A lot of Blue

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am not typically one for posting photos of fabric ... but there's a funny story attached to this one.

I am making two quilts in the same color scheme (one for my sister-in-law who is just completing her Bachelors Degree & the other for the woman who networked me in to my current job).  I decided I needed some blue solids in the quilt and went on line looking.

Solids for me are the hardest to find.  My LQS has some fabulous prints, but the solid selection isn't so great.  I have tried to use JoAnn (because I love my 40% off coupons), but noticed that all the solids except Kona, have started to pill from the first quilt I made 2 years ago.  I'm not a big fan of buying solids on line, as minimum quantities are 1/2 yard and, even with my Kona color chart, it is always hard for me to decide which one I want.

So I went on line and came across a cool concept from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

A monthly solids club!  It apparently comes in FQs, half yard and full yard options.  I chose the FQ option ... for $14.95 per month, I get 8 FQs in a color theme every month.   And I have NO pinks in my stash ... so I thought what a great idea!

I also went to and came across their Kona FQ Pack in Aqua and Turquoise -- which was perfect for my current projects.

I got back from the cabin last night and my Pink Chalk fabrics parcel was in the mail box.  Yey!!!

I opened it ... and found some fabulous Bella Blues!!!  Silly me ... the photo with pink fabrics that I saw advertising the FQ solid monthly club was for the club ... not for the month ;-).

So ... I have now gone from an under-supply of blues to an over-supply ... overnight!  Good news is that all 28 FQs are gorgeous rich colors and not a single one is duplicate ;-).  Can't wait to see what Pink Chalk sends me in July ;-).

Update:  Kati advises that we can purchase smaller amounts of Kona solids @

Hope you're having a great week!

All the best

I got featured!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Surfer Girl 2

Sarah Craig, over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict features the blog of a fellow quilter each Sunday.  I have been introduced to some GREAT new quilters through her Sunday posts and imagine my pleasure when asked if she could feature ME today!

I continue to be amazed at the generosity of the quilting community I have found and Sarah is no exception ... spend a week looking at her blog posts and you will see recommendations, sharing, thanks, and an amazing number of quilts being made ... and most of them for charity.

Thanks Sarah ... for all that you do to provide quilts for people in need, promote fellow bloggers and introduce me personally to a whole bunch of new and cool people.

If you haven't visited Sarah yet or lately ... make sure that you do soon!

All the best

Box-spring cover tutorial

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New quilt with new box-spring cover
When I completed this quilt for the cabin guest room this past winter, I realized that I needed to make a box spring cover ... which I blogged about here.  (and the bed frame was a great find on

I had done a number of Google searches looking for a pattern or tutorial and couldn't find one.  So I thought I would go ahead and make one and took photos as I was figuring out how to make it.

First, I started with an old fitted sheet.  I had one hanging around the cabin, but if you don't you can pick one up for a relatively low cost at Goodwill or Value Village.  Pull off the mattress and put it on the box spring.

Then mark lines on the fitted sheet where the feature fabric will attach the top of the sheet.  To ensure that the sheet doesn't show once the mattress was put back on, mark ~3" from the edge of the box spring.
The Material
The amount of fabric you need depends on the size of bed you're making this for.  This is going on a queen size bed, so the longest piece I would need would be about 95" (80" for each side + 8" overlap for a 4" minimum on each end + extra yardage (7") for shrinkage.  I also wanted some extra for a throw pillow, so in the end I bought 3.5 yards.  Typically I don't prewash, but I did with this material.  I was pretty confident that at some point I am going to want to take this off and wash it, so it needed to be pre-shrunk so that it would still fit on the box spring after washing.

After the laundry, I first made sure I had 88 lineal inches of fabric and cut there, setting the extra fabric aside.  Then cut the 88" piece into 3 pieces length-wise.  This minimizes piecing, which was important with the material that I was using, but may be less important for your choice.

My material was 44" wide, so I was able to able to cut three 14" wide pieces (once I removed the selvedges).   Meaning I ended up with 3 pieces -- each 88" x 14".
Then finish all four edges of each piece with a tight zig-zag stitch.  You don't want it to fray when washed at some point in the future and you don't want any threads to end up hanging down below the bed where people could see them.  

Then remove the fitted sheet from the box spring and sew the side panels in place (right sides of fabric to to right side of sheet so that it folds over neatly).  You should sew along the lines that you had previously marked on the sheet (3" from the edge).
This is the part that you have to feel your way through ... at the top of the bed, I simply tuck the material in and stitched, at the bottom, however, unless you have a footboard, you want to take a little more care so that you don't have bulges.  
First, pin the end in a continuous line from the top.  Then bring the extra material over from the right (like a hospital corner on a sheet) and pin it.  Then removed it from the bed and stitched it ... as seen in the photo below:
Stitching down the vertical as well as the diagonal.  

Repeat for the other side.

Then take the 3rd panel that you cut, which will be go along the base of the box spring.  Finish one end ... I simply rolled it on itself several times and then stitched. 

Then pin it to the box spring and measure where to finish the other end.  
pinned on to get feel for where to make final stitches
measuring where to finish the other end
Once measured properly, stitch onto the fitted sheet -- the bottom of the panel will still be hanging loose. Put the bottom of the fitted sheet back on the bed (leave the top of the sheet loose).

Pin the bottom panel to the finished ends of the sides.  Note in the photo below how the pinning actually sits under the box spring slightly -- this shouldn't be an issue getting off as the top of the sheet should only be sitting on loosely, not tightly.  

Fit and pin both ends.  

My bed has slats, so I was able to stop at this point, simply tuck the 3" of excess material in under the slats and I was done.  If you don't have slats, you may want to purchase some lightweight elastic to stitch around ... you don't need anything tight, just a little bit of tension to keep it from drooping under the bed.

In the end ... while I was really happy with how the box spring came out, I wasn't happy with how it looked with the quilt that I had made for the bed ;-(.  So I am in the process of making another slightly smaller quilt that will sit at the bottom of the bed and bring a little depth to the top, not just the bottom.
Still to be quilted, but believe this will help bring it all together -- and I will use some of the extra material I had from the box spring cover to bind the quilt and make a throw pillow.  

And since it's a cabin, you can NEVER have too many quilts on a bed ;-).

Let me know if I can add any clarity on this ... it wasn't the easiest tutorial to write ...

All the best

Public service announcement

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've thought long and hard about how to do this ... how to send out a message to a predominantly female community about something that I personally know matters ... and have decided that the direct approach makes the most sense ... so here goes.

Ovarian Cancer Ribbon Pictures, Images and Photos
This coming November, I will be a 10-year Ovarian Cancer survivor.  I have spent the past 9 1/2 years living ... making sure I didn't take for granted the things that I had in prior years. 

But as my 10th anniversary nears ... I feel different ... and I want to make a difference.  So I have set a goal to raise $10,000 by November of this year to donate to the Marsha Rivkin Ovarian Foundation.  But this isn't about fund raising ... it's about awareness.

You see, Ovarian Cancer is known as the 'silent killer'.  There is no early detection test ... no mammogram ... no colonoscopy ... it quietly effects and then it is too late.  But there are early symptoms ... and the difference between an early diagnosis and a late diagnosis is the difference between life and death with this disease.

So while I want to raise $5,000 ... that's my measurable goal ... I really want to raise awareness ... that is a lot harder for me to measure ... but what REALLY matters.  

What are the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer may cause one or more of these signs and symptoms:
  • Vaginal bleeding (particularly if you are past menopause) or discharge from your vagina that is not normal for you.
  • Pain or pressure in the pelvic or abdominal area (the area below your stomach and in between your hip bones).
  • Back pain.
  • Bloating, which is when the area below your stomach swells or feels full.
  • Feeling full quickly while eating.
  • A change in your bathroom habits, such as having to pass urine very badly or very often, constipation, or diarrhea.

Pay attention to your body, and know what is normal for you. If you have vaginal bleeding that is not normal for you, see a doctor right away. If you have any of the other signs for two weeks or longer, see a doctor. These symptoms may be caused by something other than cancer, but the only way to know is to see your doctor. Treatment is most effective when ovarian cancer is found and treated early.

I was diagnosed right as I turned 40 ... so was Gilda Radner ... we were definitely younger than the average, but not the youngest.  Know the symptoms and know your body ... and if it doesn't feel right ... see your doctor. 

You will hear more from me over the next few months ... I promise not to become a pain ... but if I can help one woman find it early like I did ... it will be worth it.

Think of your mothers, sisters,  and friends and make sure that everyone is aware of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer -- one in 70 of you will be diagnosed with it in your lifetime ... and the difference in being diagnosed early versus late is the difference between life and death ... I know...

All the best
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