Pinned ... but need thoughts on quilting

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've made progress on my "what a bunch of squares" quilt for my brother's belated birthday present.

Would welcome some thoughts on quilting it ...

Denyse Schmidt hand quilts her version and quilts around the squares, which accentuates them and makes it clear that there are unique squares.

Challenge ... no money in the budget to send out and I have a portable home Pfaff sewing machine.

I can't do the quilting that she did ... as it won't work on my machine and I don't have the patience to hand quilt.  Right now, I think my options are meandering and straight-line up and down of various widths across ... due to the sheer size, I'm not sure how much more option I have.

I recently pushed a queen size quilt through my machine by doing a meandering pattern (seen here) and my straight-line attempt at a queen can be seen here.

Please let me know what you think would be the best approach?  Any thoughts welcome at this point!

All the best

From the scrap bin ...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hit the scrap bin today for a hostess gift for tomorrow.  We are having brunch over at friends house who have 3 little ones.  Their eldest is turning 5 early next month ... I figured this banner will get a fair amount of use in the future!

Birthday banner
Back of birthday banner
Don't you just love it when you can make something fun totally from the scrap bin ;-).

The tutorial I used for this can be found here.

I know I haven't been around for a bit ... it's been pretty busy around here ... besides my new job ... we've done all the following over the past week!

The U.S. Olympic Diving Trials here in the Seattle area.
Olympic Diving Trials
Friends in town and a visit to the new Chihuly exhibit at Seattle Center.

Me and my better half ;-)

Indian Blanket inspiration for Chihuly

Seattle Space Needle through the new greenhouse exhibit

And today ... the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Where "he" (also known as my husband) finished 3rd in his age group ... despite a stomach that required 2 pit stops along the way!!!
Running the Seattle Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon

Relaxing after!

Special medal for runners of BOTH the Seattle & Portland R&R Marathon
While I am longing to get back to some quilting ... it was a fabulous week with friends, family and a little victory woven in ...

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A little more progress on the quilt this weekend ...
And we got the paths cleared and gravel laid at the cabin.

Other Side

And the VERY tired man who moved all the gravel
Hope you had an equally productive weekend!

All the best,

Fun all around ...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Having a little fun prepping to make the "Tipsy City Quilt" from Quilting Modern.

And here's what an English Setter looks like when prowling the yard for critters ...
And then after a 12 mile run ...
Tis the life ...

Started in a van pool this week ... looking forward to having a little extra time on my hands!

Hope you're having a good week.

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