Freja Quilt Pattern has Launched!!!

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Freja Quilt Pattern has launched!!!

Well, it actually launched on July 26th ... but when you're trying to host friends two weekends in a row, launch a quilt pattern during the week between those weekends and then leave 2 days after the 2nd weekend on a 2-month trip—some things get forgotten—and I forgot to post the pattern launch 😮

It's now available in my shop and you can find the pattern here

Freja is my fourth mid-century modern pattern behind Geometric Patchwork, Connected Squares, and RetroBlock.

Freja had been bouncing around in my head for quite some time.  And I finally got the first test quilt made in May of this year.  Once that was done ... I was in love.

My first effort was in traditional mid-century modern colors, but I was quickly able to venture into alternate color ways and started making them one after another.  While the pattern does require precision to carry off the angles, it really is a VERY fast pull together (e.g. I could cut and piece a throw size quilt in less than a day).

First it was Kona Ash with different golds/yellows/mustards for the first baby version.

Then I got this idea to make it a bit asymmetrical, but creating the crib version, but adding additional fabric to enlarge it to a throw with the design off center, in blues and grays.

Finally, back to the stash for some Kona Ash and a few colors that will go with mom's new mauve chair.  She got a new chair this summer that has an electronic control that lifts the chair up to help her get up easier.  I promised her a lap quilt to go with it.  Since she's one of our stops on our 2-month journey, my timing for an additional test quilt was perfect!

And then there are the quilt testers.  If you've read any of my launch posts before, you know that these are the true champions when it comes to launching a new pattern and the Freja quilters were no exception to that rule.

Check out the quilting texture on these two beauties!

Baby version (by Lyn @lyncauwels on Instagram)
Queen center version with smaller borders to create large throw (by Denise @Denise_Hamilton611 on Instagram)
And other beautiful test versions of this quilt ...

The Babies!!!  clockwise starting on left:  Susan @quiltmod519, Joanne @turtlequilterjo & Lyn @lyncauwels

And a few asymmetrical versions:

Asymmetrical Throw—Carolyn @micko_mum

Asymmetrical Throw—Cassie @cassie_quilts

Throw—Janine @lilbeanquilting
Throw—Amber @auntiekilljoy

I love their work.  Not just the beautiful finished quilt tops,  but the great work that they do to truly test out the pattern and ensure that when it's ready to launch, it is in great shape for all.  So my sincere thanks to all 8 of these great testers that worked on the Freja Pattern.

And yes—we are now on our two-month trip.  Today was a ferry trip across Lake Huron south from Manitoulin Island, Ontario as we head to visit family a bit north of the Toronto metro region.

Hope all is well with you guys!

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