Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...

I have spent the past week totally under the weather ... starting to come back, but feel like coughing fits are the beginning to become the norm ... a little minor quilting a long the way ... but not enough to share with any excitement ...

So instead, I thought I would share Hannah's quilt ... that I made last summer ... one of my first. 

Well ... it actually started in 1995 when my sister's daughter, Katie, and my brother's daughter, Kaitlin, were born.  I was living in a cabin in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia (that's another story) with a lot of time on my hands.  For baby presents, I actually attempted to make 2 quilts which were machine pieced and hand quilted.  Given that I had never made a quilt and didn't have any books on how to quilt (there was no internet back then), my memory of what they looked like is probably better than they were. 

Anyway ... fast forward to 2008, when my brother and his family come out from Virginia to Seattle for a visit.  Hannah, Kaitlin's younger sister, pulls out a piece of pink cotton cloth, with a whole bunch of stitching on it, remnants of batting, a little bit of what might be a quilt top.  Turns out Hannah, at age 9, still carries around the quilt (or at least the back ;-), that I made for Kaitlin 13 years earlier.

So early last summer, I made my 4th quilt ...

It was Hannah's 11th birthday present. 
According to her mom, and the emails I got from Hannah, she was over the moon. 
Last night, I was looking at some photos on Kaitlin's Facebook page.  There were a few pics from their family trip to Virginia Beach, which was about a month after Hannah's 11th birthday (and receipt of her new quilt).  And there was a great photo of Hannah, sound asleep on one of the hotel beds, all wrapped up ... in the pink back of a falling-apart, quilt.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-)

All the best ...

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