Holiday fabric shopping

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It is getting closer!  And I want to leverage this international community.

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We will be heading to Amsterdam, Berlin and Istanbul ... and I am hoping to pick up some prints to be used in my month for Fresh Modern Bee 2 in May.  I figured it would be a great way to remember my trip as well as my first [but I hope not last] experience in a quilting bee.

So does anyone have any recommendations for any quilt shops in these cities?

I'm off to run in the rain ... hope you're having a great weekend too!

All the best

Blog sharing ...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New job, preparing for vacation, ramping training mileage for my first 8K and trying to figure out how to use iPhoto as we traded in our PC for a MAC (don't laugh ;-).

Reality ... quilting has suffered.  But the reason for this post ... blog sharing.  Earlier this year, there were a number of folks out there giving credit to smaller blogs ... sharing our work if you will.  I was fortunate to be mentioned in a couple of places and hopefully, have been a little inspiration to a few more bloggers over that time period.  One of the bloggers who so generously mentioned me was Marianne over at The Quilting Edge.

I don't point you back to her because she mentioned me ... I point you back to her because she has done some amazing quilting!  I first discovered Marianne on Flickr last fall when she had posted some photos of her incredible stash in her studio.  I had actually shown the photo to my husband so that he would know what good restraint I had been exercising!

Then I saw this quilt:
QAYG Improvised 2011
To me ... it represented EVERYTHING I could love about modern quilting ... colors, pattern, unique quilting, and most of all vision and courage.

Vision to create incredibly unique improv blocks and the courage to execute them.

Stop by and visit her ... I think you will be equally amazed!!!

All the best

Fresh Modern Bee March 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Allison @ PioneerValleyGirl is this months block designer for Fresh Modern Bee II.  

These are from her design called "Walk in the Park", and are made from Kona Coal and Central Park.  These types of blocks appeal to my sense or order ;-), so they are a joy to make and the fabric is quite special.

"Played" outside at the cabin for a little while this afternoon -- getting a little Vitamin D!  Friday was my last day at my old company and Monday will be my first day at my new company ... an internet start up (yup ... really).  I will be employee #8!  Keep your fingers crossed ;-).

Hope you're having a great weekend!

All the best

Remembering our fallen

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For those of you who followed the saga of the Fallen Star quilt ... my sister-in-law, who lives in Hawaii, received the quilt (and table runner) last week and was thrilled and she really like the 'fallen star' theme (their silent auction is on April 30th).

My brother was home in on R&R from Iraq for 2 weeks ... his Facebook post on Saturday before he left to go back to Iraq.

Torrential rains, day and a half without power, sick family members, and a night huddled in the car like gypsies due to a Tsunami evacuation; one heck of a R&R, but I wouldn't trade the time with my family for anything though.

These guys do so much for us ...

"D" had this video made to support their cause ...

Worth a view ...

All the best

Color for a cause

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new version of my envelope quilt.  This quilt is part of a collection that will be taken to a local hospice in  another week or two.  The quilts are gifted to the patient when they enter the hospice and the family keeps them after their loved one passes.

We were asked to keep them bright and cheerful and I couldn't think of a better reason to cut into my Freebird by MoMo fabric by Moda.
I first came up with this pattern last summer and blogged about it here.  It's a pretty simple and I am delighted how it came out on with the Chocolate Kona and the bright colors.

The back is Kona Chocolate and Kona Artichoke with some patterned blocks in the middle.
I tried some different quilting techniques on this one ... a little meandering mingled with a little loop-de-loop.  I am kind of indifferent to the outcome.
The birthday weekend in wine country was a success.  In the end, I made quiche and cranberry/orange muffins on Saturday morning.  I premixed all the dry ingredients and wet ingredients in Seattle on Thursday night and then simply combined the wet and dry on Saturday morning.

The birthday banner was a hit ... and I have now taken orders to make 4 of them for friends ;-).  Finally ... running was great on Sunday morning (while all the other wine tasters slept) and I was able to run 4 ten minute segments with only 1 minute walking in between ... never, ever, would have thought I could have gotten here just 4 months ago ;-).

Hope you're having a great week!

All the best

Piecing batting

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I think I have finally used up the bulk of the excess batting lying around the house ... I make mostly lap quilts, but buy bags of batting that are meant for either twin or full size quilts.  Leaving me with quite a bit of reasonable size excess batting pieces.

It's actually quite simple to piece.  All you really need is for each piece to have a cleanly cut edge ... I usually fold it up and cut a clean edge with my rotary cutter.  Butt the two edges of the pieces together that you want to sew ... position them under the presser foot on your machie and set the zig zag stich for a large, and broad, stitch (I set my Pfaff on 7 and take it to the largest zig zag).  Allow the materials to move through as they flow, being careful on to stretch the batting, or you'll get a seam that won't lay flat.

Three separate pieces of batting sewn together
One thing that has suprised me is the variability of the thickness of the batting.  As I only buy one brand, I had expected that there would have been more uniformity from bag to bag of product.

I also got the envelope quilt basted tonight ... this is for a local hospice ... I like the top ... I LOVE the back! (pics to come once it is quilted).

And I got 4.88 miles running in this evening ... I am still a lot slower than I want to be by the time I run my 8K in May ... but still plenty of time to improve the pace.

Hope all is well

Birthday banner

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The fact that it's not 'perfect' makes it that much more appealing to me!

John's birthday is next Thursday ... and a good friend of ours, Janine, is celebrating her birthday on Wednesday.  So next weekend we are joining Janine and her partner Daisy, as well as another couple, and heading down to the Willamette Valley in Oregon (about 4 hours south of Seattle and an hour south of Portland) for a wine tasting weekend. 

We rented a 3 bedroom house on VRBO, and rented a limo to take us around to different wineries on Saturday.  Then on Saturday night, we're going to cook dinner together at the house and have an old fashioned Birthday Party!!!

John knows, but the other folks are in for a big surprise!  I made the banner from a great tutorial on and today ordered an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  John and I then spent some time at the party story picking up party hats, napkins, candles, streamers, poppers -- don't you know I am married to a Brit -- and ordering up a balloon centerpiece for the table.

I don't have kids and John and I have moved around enough that we've never really had a big enough pool of friends to throw a birthday party for each other.  So I am REALLY looking forward to throwing an old fashioned birthday party next weekend!

Lots to get done in the next week as I am responsible for breakfast (any thoughts on a quick make-ahead breakfast would be welcomed!!!) and appetizers on Saturday ...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

All the best
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