Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quilt Binding

When I started quilting last year, I machine quilted my binding ... I just didn't know any better.  A couple of months into it I read in blogs that people were hand stitching theirs.  I have to be honest, I have never tried hand stitching.  I had good intentions to try it ... but just never seemed to make the time. I've often thought it would be fun refreshing to wind my way out of a quilt with a couple of hours of tactile experience with the quilt.  

I did (fortunately) improve my machine stitching of the binding ...

Here's the front:

And the back:

I recently saw a machine stiched binding tutorial on Red Pepper quilts.  I was thrilled to see that a quilter I admire also machine stitches!  My bindings are slightly different, I don't stitch in the ditch on the front (just not sure that I trust my ability to sew that straight ;-).  I also haven't been able to master the mitered corner ... though that's something I might try again some day ...

How about you ...  how is your binding attached?

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  1. Your bindings look great! I wish I could machine stitch my bindings as well as that. I also saw RPQ's tutorial and tried it once. I need to keep practicing to make them acceptable. I love handstitching, but it does take a lot of time!

  2. Oh Debbie ... my 1st ones were terrible! I made a table runner for my mom x-mas '08 and she had it on the table on x-mas '09 ... good thing it's a table runner, so the backside of the binding is NEVER seen ;-). I stitch on the top, just on the edge of the binding, then I scrape my fingernail on the top to feel where the edge is on the bottom. I also cut my binding at 2 5/8". Keep trying, it does get better (39 quilts later she says ;-).

  3. Do not ever be apologetic about not hand stitching the binding. This is actually the only part of an entire quilt that I will hand stitch. But, know that if I did as good as job as you do, with machine stitching the binding, I would CERTAINLY abandon the hand stitching!

    As always, your work is beautiful.

  4. I think I sewed one binding on by hand and it looked horrible. Now I sew them on by machine. I fold my binding and sew it to the back of the quilt, fold it over and top stitch it to the front. That way I only see one seam on the front of the quilt.


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