Patchwork with a twist ...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I started this as a patchwork of 3.75" squares from my scrap bins which I posted here … then twisted it up a little with some 3.75" strips of white in the midst.

This is for my niece's graduation present from high school last month (yup, as with all my quilts lately, it's a little late).

I quilted it with a X pattern … and was able to do it free form … I am pretty pleased with how straight the lines came out!

For the back, I used up some of the extra blocks that I had from the front and then made a label for the quilt.

Kaitlin loves a riot of color … and I think this pretty much captures that.  I used a few different colors on the binding to bring the color fun home.

Great week off at the cabin … heading back to the real world tomorrow morning …

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

All the best,

Vacation Projects ...

Friday, July 11, 2014

A week at the cabin … a glorious week … in glorious weather at the cabin!

I was able to sneak some quilting in this week between kayaking, running and getting a few other projects underway.  I had purchased the table and chairs on Craig's List last summer and made the seat covers (blogged here) then as well.  This week I finally got around to painting them.

Chairs before paining
It was pretty simple.  I purchased 2 colors of Valspar Outdoor Satin spray paint at Lowes (Spring Sprout for the chairs and Dried Pepper for the table).

John did a little sanding and I was able to spray paint them up in the garden.

In total, I used 4 cans of paint for the chairs and 2 on the table.

It's kind of nice to have some color back in the garden … since the deer worked so hard to remove it the week before we got here.

After our kayaking fun a couple of weeks ago, we were able to pick up a Kayak on Craig's List and have a second one on order.  Guess we underestimated how awkward it can be to walk around a 1 car garage with a 14' kayak in it ;-).  So John found a great tutorial for a kayak rack online … and pulled it together this week as well.

We have some friends coming out for the weekend and it's meant to get above 90F here … which should be interesting in a cabin with no air conditioning … thank goodness we've got great neighbors who have offered to loan us a couple of their kayaks as well … playing in the canal will be very refreshing!

I was able to finish a few of the quilt tops that have been laying around … once I've taken some photo's, I'll share a few, stay tuned!!!

Enjoying the rest of the week off … hope you had a great week!

All the best
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