Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Productive weekend afterall

In the end ... it was a productive weekend with two quilt tops completed.  This one, is a house-warming present for my cousin who is clearly not afraid of color ;-). 

I evolved as quilter on this attempt ... I struggled with the layout at first.  But what I really struggled with was the color combination.  I had to learn to step above the color choices and still see that I could make a lovely product that my cousin could enjoy ... as these were the colors that she wanted

I'm not sure who makes the prints that I used on the front.  The back is Hope Valley Prarie Rose with a Kaufman Kona "Sweet Pea" and the binding is Hope Valley Cactus Calico.  I normally shy away from the current trend in fabrics, simply because they are too expensive for my budget.  But I had a $20 volume credit at my LQS, so I splurged.

After washing the quilt is 60" x 58" and quilted in a meandering pattern.  Until I get a new machine ... that's my quilting method of choice as I don't have dual feed capabilities. 

I hope that Laura is happy with it ... and I'm now ready to move on to something that's a little more my style ...

All the best


  1. I know this is not your style, but, WOW! It is beautiful.

    If you want dual feed capability, purchase a walking foot for your sewing machine. I have learned not to wait for "some day" but to do those things TODAY if at all possible. Life is far too short for that. A new machine could be thousands; a walking foot is much less. :)

  2. I love it! I love the colour combo and sometimes it is good to step outside your comfort zone - I have found that with the block swaps I am doing!! I use to dislike blue and green together but now I like!!

    I recognise one of the fabrics - I have it in green to go with the blue and green quilt I have to make, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is called!


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