Vivienne's Quilt

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vivienne's mom, Shyla, spent some time with my Kona solid color swatches and picked out the color palette for her daughters quilt ... 

Things kinda got busy at work (fortunately, I work with Shyla ... so she gets it) but I did finally get started on the actual quilt in November (at least it was in Vivienne's birth year ;-).  One delay led to another until ... well, until this was finally delivered in time for Vivienne's 5-month birthday ...

The solids that she chose were:

The solids were her choice and then I added a few coordinating prints from my stash.  

What I found difficult about this effort was that Shyla is a designer ... not a quilt designer, but an extremely talented designer who worked in the marketing department of my former employer.  She had even done a few things on the side for me ... designing my quilt label as well as the T-Shirts for my husbands 70th birthday surprise party (needless to say, neither of these efforts do anything to help you understand how talented she truly is).

But designing a quilt for a designer is VERY hard work ... I was filled with angst about whether she would like the design.  

Shyla was creating a diagonal patchwork quilt for her older daughter ... so as we spent time at the white board talking through actual construction techniques, I learned a bit more about her likes and dislikes and settled for this relatively simple pattern.  

And it turns out she likes one-piece backs (well that was easy!!!).

In the end ... she loved it and is now proud to own two quilts from me ... the other I made for her older daughter's new toddler bed to say thank you for the work that Shyla had done for me.  

Hope all is going well for everyone out there.

All the best

A Labor of Love ... the new Quilting Studio

Saturday, February 13, 2016

As we made the decision last winter to sell the Seattle house and move to our cabin at Hood Canal ... I only had one concern ... our small foot-print, single-level cabin didn't have a place that I could dedicate to quilting.  

We looked at a number of online alternatives to buy a pre-built building ... but the costs were beyond what we were prepared to spend. 

Enter my amazing husband ... he knew that we needed a shed to store the kayaks among other things ... so he volunteered to build the shed first and then parlay what he learned on that into building a quilting studio.  Who could argue with that ?!?!?

"Back-yard" Quilting Studio
Right now, the plan is for the cutting table to go under the two windows and the sewing table under the smaller window.

Quilting Studio
There are 4 windows as well as the window in the door ... it should have great light!

The floor is Maui White Washed Oak by Hampton Bay (Home Depot).  Both paints are by Sherwin WIlliams.  The walls are Shiitake (SW9173) and the trim is Navajo White by (SW6126).  

So while I have been wrapping up work in Seattle ... my husband has been building me a quilting studio out here ... it is actually hard to put into words how much that means to me.

We partnered on the floor installation for the past two days and he wrapped up the trim yesterday.  It's done!

A couple of pics of the process ... it started with this.

The Creator!!!
The outside is still in "construction mode" and probably will remain just wrapped in paper until the rain lets up a bit.  

Hopefully the rain will let up enough tomorrow for us to move some of the furniture in (we desperately need to get our garage cleaned out ;-).   I am probably a week away from starting to get creative in here ... but I am looking forward to years to come !!! 

Hope all is well out there for all of you!

All the best

Seahawks quilt

Friday, February 12, 2016

What does a quilter give a dear friend who turned 65 in December ... why a quilt ... that's what ... 

And this one actually got delivered on time!  Needless to say ... he's a Seahawks' fan.

Since I didn't sell this and only made it for a friend's personal use ... I am going to assume that there's no copyright infringement ... I take this stuff seriously ... so please do let me now if you think that's a problem ... at least I will know better going forward.  

I picked up some cute chevron print for the binding at JoAnn's ... sadly, all my Seattle LQS's have now closed ... now that I am out on the Peninsula ... I shall need to look for more.

I traced the logo from the computer screen onto tracing paper.  Then I put it in a copier machine and kept blowing it up until I got the correct size for what I was going after.  Then I used Heat & Bond to both stabilize the image, as well as, to adhere it to the fabric.  I used a small zig zag stich, to permanently attach the image to the quilt top.

Simple back with some pieced fabrics from the front and back ... and of course, the label.

The Seahawks didn't make it to the Superbowl this year ... but this quilt will likely keep Rodney and team sitting pretty for at least the next couple of seasons!

All the best!

It has finally arrived ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yesterday was my first day of retirement!  I resigned in March 2015 ... and then stayed on a bit until my replacement could be found.  February 5, 2016, was my last day as an employee!

I am thrilled to be taking some time off ... it has been a long year.  While the goal is retirement ... reality is yet to be determined as John and I tighten our belts and determine what the real long term solution is.  

But more on that later ... for now, I am thrilled to have finished a new quilt ... albeit about a week late.

This quilt is for the guys that were my landlord over the past 7 months in Seattle.  They were great and I was so lucky to have such a beautiful fully furnished apartment in a lovely neighborhood within a reasonable drive to work.  

The feature colors are ones that they had in the had in the apartment and their taste is definitely modern.  The back is pieced to reflect the colors that are on the front.   

I also tried a different quilting pattern on this ... using a random, square/rectangular pattern.  I like the pattern it creates, but did have a bad day where a too-large pucker on the back, created 5 hours of quality time with a seam ripper ... no, not all good quilts are made easily ;-).

Large pucker on back ;-(

Random rectangle quilting
Quilt by the numbers:
  • Washed quilt = 63" x 51"
  • Kona Off White with 6 other solid colors from my stash
  • Off white cotton thread
  • Binding is Honey Hive by Michael Miller from Emma's Garden collection
This will get dropped in the mail to them next week when I am back in town.  

Thrilled to be back ... and looking forward to having more time to peruse the quilting world again!

All the best,
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