Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scraps, Scraps and Scraps

It was time to hit the scrap pile again ;-).  This top's now completed.  I got the inspiration from the stripe piecing that I did on the back of this one. 

I LOVE scrap quilts ... I give away almost all of my quilts to friends and family ... so when I make a scrap quilt, it's a bit of a trip "down memory lane" for me.  It's not just what fabric was in which quilt, but also who I made it for and what we were celebrating ... a new house, a new job, a birth, a passing ...

As much fun as scrap quilts are for me ... the keeping of the scraps needs a little work.  

  I keep my patterned fabrics in plastic bags based on color ... seems green and blue are my most used colors. 
For my solids, I keep them in a bag that came with a FQ set I bought last summer when I first started quilting.

Does anyone have a system that works well for them?  I would sure be interested in hearing about it!

We're off to the cabin this afternoon for a long weekend ... taking the sewing gear, but the weather promises to be nice ... so we shall see.

All the best


  1. Sigh; I wish I had a real system that actually works regarding scrap management. Alas, I too keep my scraps in clear plastic bags. Well, at least we can see them, right?

  2. Great quilt! I love the sections of scrappiness with lots of area in between.

    I also keep most of my scraps in plastic bags sorted by color. I keep some of the bigger ones in a large plastic bin. I'm not much organizational help!


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