"Art" Quilt

Monday, June 30, 2014

I fell in love with this quilt … IN LOVE!!!  

I wanted to try an "art" quilt, as opposed to a "quilt" quilt?  Make sense???

Anyway … here it is …

There was a lot of seam ripper involved in this quilt … squares didn't work, it needed to be linear and rectangle … the whole section under the light blue was re-pieced at least 3 times ;-).

I felt a little Frank Lloyd Wright-ish while making this … but loved where it was taking me to and where my mind wandered after having seen the original.  

The process … undertaken when I was under stress … was cathartic and helped me relax and lose myself in the process.  It's a different type of quilting for me and one that I want to do a little more of (design walls certainly help!!!).  

Simple back … had to find somewhere to use one of the squares that didn't work on the front ;-).  

It's for a friend who was a bone marrow donor for her sister back in April of this year …

And then when I finished … little relaxation for John and I …

Hope you're having a great week!

All the best

Bed Pillow

 I had bought a couple of the longer pillow forms at JoAnn's a few years back when they were on sale … always with the intent of making a pillow for our bed.

Well … I finally got to it … just some scraps from the bin … an invisible zipper …

… and a red dot sale at JoAnn's for the material on the back.

You can't see from the photo that I have a fair amount of yellow and green in my bedroom, so this goes quite nicely in there and adds a bit of a pop of brightness and color to the bed.

Hope you're having a GREAT day!

All the best

Scrap Patchwork

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another high-school graduation present on the design wall … love it when we can make them totally from the stash … don't you???

After cutting out ~360 3.75" squares from my scrap bins … I sewed the squares into dyads.  mixing them up as I went along.  Then, turned them into blocks of 4 squares … before putting them up on the design wall.  

I like the colors and overall it's looking like a pretty good start.

Winding down an incredibly busy month of June and looking forward to a little cabin time over the next few weeks … because in my world "cabin time" can also mean "quilting time" ;-)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

All the best

Scrap buster ...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

WIP Fan Quilt

It's graduation time again … and my niece is graduating from high school next week!

I saw this pin in Pinterest -- and knew what Kaitlin's grad quilt would have to be!  The inspiration quilt has 6.5" blocks.  I wanted it to go a bit bigger … so my squares are 10.5" and I used paper piecing to create the blocks and keep the fabric from stretching.

I must admit, making paper pieced scrap quilts is not my favorite thing to do … but I do LOVE how they turn out.  The picture above shows the 10.5" blocks after I had removed the paper, but before I sewed them together (which I accomplished today).

Today's a bitter-sweet day.  It's Father's Day … and while I am blessed to still have my dad with us, it was one of my first calls to him where it was clear that the Alzheimer's is taking it's toll.  The long goodbye is not going to be easy …

Dad -- at his 80th Birthday party in 2013
Hope you all had a great day … and for those dad's out there … hope it was a special day.

All the best.

Getting caught up ...

Monday, June 2, 2014

My husband's middle son Doug married Kate back in December … technically, you have a year to give them a wedding present … right ?!?!?

When I asked John what he thought they would want … he suggested this one, which I had made as a wedding present late last year for my cousin's daughter.

If you recall … last time the pattern was because I hadn't made all my geese the same size (they were out by mm … but mm count when there are 20 of them in a row).

But this time … I bought a template!  It helped … they weren't perfect, but do believe that they were all a bit more uniform this time.

I like the simplicity of the quilt … and was thrilled to have the Juki back in the house to quilt this on (jury still out on repairs and I will hold off for a few more quilts before I pass judgement again … stay tuned).

Must admit … I am a complete convert to Rachel's zigzag binding technique.  The binding goes on perfectly, quickly and I feel is far more secure than hand stitching.  The zigzag also gives it some visual interest.

Congratulations Doug & Kate!!!

All the best

And another baby quilt ...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I do like the difference that a little color shift can make … 

Same colors, just a different configuration of them …

I also finished another quilt for my step son and his new wife … didn't get photos taken today … but coming soon!

All the best

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