"MY" first quilt

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is the first quilt that I have kept for us ... I view this as my 2nd quilt. It's again from "The Modern Quilt Workshop", I saw it on Amy a la mode's blog (#10 the Real McCoy) and decided to go for it.

This one is for the cabin ... what better place for a "napping quilt". At 51" x 77" it's my largest yet. There are 13 different colors in the quilt and it was designed to go in a room with green walls, brown carpet and red duvet cover to brighten it up a bit.
This will likely be the start of something I'm going to really enjoy!

It's a boy ...

After a long wait, my husbands son and daughter-in-law are about to bring home their first child, a 20-month-old little boy anemd Andrew. I put this "baby" quilt to together to welcome him to the family.

Based on the Plain Spoken design from "The Modern Quilt Workshop" book, it is my first free-form quilt. In fact, I wouldn't really count the 4 stitch-in-the-ditch baby quilts I did prior to this (almost feel like I should ask for those back ;-).

I was in the midst of making this same pattern in the napping quilt size for us (my 1st quilt that I wasn't going to give away), with some slightly different colors, when we got the great news about Andrew, so I quickly moved over to this one, which gave me a slightly smaller platform for my foray into free-form.
While the book says it's all about solids, I couldn't help but put in a little pattern for fun ... the striped trim and then dots and stripes on the back.

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