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Thursday, August 17, 2017

It has been a busy, busy, busy year ...

We were able to take our T@b Trailer down to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah for the month of April ... S T U N N I N G ...  Personally, I think that ALL vacations going forward should include a trip to Utah!

May/June saw us off to the UK to visit my husbands family.  We did a week in England doing the friends and family routine and then spent 2 solid weeks roaming Scotland ... hiking and kayaking along the way ...

July found us off to Washington DC for my father's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery ... we lost him to Alzheimer's in September 2016, but had to wait our turn for him to be laid to rest with full honors at Arlington.

It seems like the rest of my time has been spent painting the house and making window awnings for T@b Trailer owners ...

But this week ... this week I actually got to make a quilt top!  It will remain unfinished until we return from our next T@b trip ... but I got it done and a couple of potholders for a hostess gift while we are on this trip.  

We are off to beautiful British Columbia on Saturday ... looking forward to more kayaking and hiking!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer.

All the best,

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