Sometimes it takes a community to make a quilt ...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For those of you who saw Quilt #1 yesterday ... this is Quilt #2.

Instructions for this quilt were, "it's a boy ... we trust you".  So after weeks of thinking it through, this quilt caught my eye.

Not knowing how to make hexagons ... I found this tutorial over at From the Blue Chair.

I quickly (ok ... over a night or two) cut out 43 hexagons and then went back to the inspiration image to see how she sashed them.  That ... is when I discovered that they had been appliquéd.  While that was an option ... since this was a commission, I really didn't want to appliqué them.

Back to the internet, where I found this You-Tube video tutorial on how to sash a hexagon.  Then ... I layed them all out in what seemed like 10 different ways ...

Finalizing the design, I set forth to sew them together ... that wasn't quite as easy at it seemed either.  Which is when I found this You-Tube video tutorial on who to easily sew hexagons together.  While I am quite confident that I didn't do it nearly as well as her ... having the white border made it a little easier to be off by a smidgen.

I was able to get all the colored hexagons sewn together, and started infilling with a few white ones which I had to size proportionately so as not to put a sash on them ... that is when I discovered I really didn't know how to stop the hexagons and start some just plain fabric for the in fill ... and thus this post was born.

Listening to the sage advice of other, more talented quilters ... I simply created a whole bunch more white hexagons and finished it that way.

In the end ... all of the prints for the hexagons came from my stash.  The front is a Kona off white, the back is a Kona Ash on the top and Robert Kaufman Architectures in gray on the bottom.

This was a real lesson for me ... I got a little to creative in my pursuit ... I didn't pay close enough attention to what was really going on in the inspiration quilt ... but I also found an amazing wealth of information on the internet from talented sharing individuals that got me through.

So thanks to the internet, the sites that make viewing all this possible and to the very generous people who share their talent, time and tutorials with all of us!

Tomorrow they are off to their owners!

I trust all of you are having equally productive weeks ...

All the best

First commission quilt ...

Monday, January 28, 2013

I was nervous, but excited when a dear friend asked me if I would be willing to make two baby quilts for some new babies that their friends have welcomed into their lives.

Nervous, because I have never done a commission quilt ... also because these are good friends ... I didn't want to 'screw it up' ;-).

This is quilt #1.  My instructions were "Chevron stripes (whatever that means) in grays and white with some coral and teal".  I ran across Salt Water by Tula Pink on Pink Chalks Fabric where Kathy has matched the prints with matching solids ... makes life SO easy when you order on line!

While the colors are a little difficult to diagnose on this quilt ... the darkest strips are Kona Coal and the lighter strips are light gray prints or off white.

I bound it using Rachel's zig-zag quilt binding tutorial ... have no idea why I would try it any other way going forward ... SUPER easy and overall looks great!.  The binding is mostly Metro Living Circle, but I did put in a strip of Kona Coal as seen in this image.

The back is Kona Ash with a little stripping of the colors left over from the front.

My very first label ... I looked at a number of different tutorials for labels before deciding on this solution.  It's a Super Fine Sharpie on a piece of cotton that is  put in place with some Heat N Bond and then ironed into place.

I will be delivering it to my clients on Wednesday evening ... along with Quilt #2 which is currently in the dryer -- it will make it's debut later in the week.

Hope you guys are having a happy week!

All the best

Need a little advice

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well ... I've made a little progress ... this represents the final design I landed on.

I've sewn the hexagons into rows and started to connect the rows.
My challenge is what to do on the right and left on the top.

I am pretty sure that I don't just want to keep making white hexagons for the rest of the quilt ... there has to be a way to integrate the hexagons into larger pieces of white on either side ... but for the life of me, can't figure it out ...

Anyone have some thoughts or somewhere they can point me to sort this through ... hate it when I run up against something I am sure must be simple, but I just can't figure out ...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

All the best

Who knew?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hexagons with sashing
Sometimes ... I'm convinced that ignorance is what drives creativity ... it never occurred to me that it would be difficult to sash hexagons ... until, of course, I had already cut 40+ of them out.  Who knew?

I finished my first commission quilt this week ... which I will share when I get around to taking some photos ... my second commission is a baby quilt for a boy and it was left TOTALLY up to me to do what I want ...

And I decided it was hexagons ... still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them ... but I've got some ideas once I finish sashing them all.

Which leads me to the sashing part ... not so easy ... but I'm optimistic this will work ... once I figure it all out ;-).

So far ... I've got a stack of about 30 of them with 1" Kona Snow sashing ... I'm actually looking forward to seeing what I do with them ...

Hope you guys are having a productive week!

All the best,

Back in the saddle

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well ... that was a longer hiatus from quilting than I had anticipated ... first there was too much going on, there there too little time, and the then was just down right apathy ...

But I'm back!  I started this one earlier in year.  Then it got set aside ... in fact, it got set aside for so long that the sun actually bleached out one of the edges as it sat folded on a spare bed for 6+ months ...

But this weekend, I pulled it out and and pulled it together ...

Is I wrote in my previous post on this one ... I wasn't quite sure what to do with it after I completed the top.  In the end ... this one is for John.  He loved it and he's got a couple of tough months ahead with treatments ... so I told him when he feels like crap ... he can wrap this around and it will miraculously make him feel better ;-).

My inspiration was the "Richard Nixon throw" shown in a photo from Feeling is Mutual blog where the following image was posted.

It's the first time I've done a solid back ... but it is a slightly textured fabric, so it does give it a little bit of movement.

I don't really have enough quilts this year to do a full capture ... but I'm on a roll for 2013, with two baby commissioned quilts (my first) due by the end of January!

Hope you all have a Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year!

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