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Sunday, September 13, 2015

You know how good it feels when a quilt takes you completely by surprise?

I keep all of my solid scraps in plastic bags based on color.  Late last year, trying to whittle down those bags a little I started with the more mundane colors (blogged here).  Grays, browns, beiges ... I cut various size pieces in to 1.5" strips.  I randomly put those strips together and created three groupings ... one ~10" wide and the other two just under 6" wide.

Last week I decided I wanted to pull a quick quilt together for my sister who we will be staying with next week as we visit my parents.  Last time I was there, I noticed that the quilt I made her for Christmas in 2009 was starting to wear (YES!!!  Love a quilt that's used!!!), so I wanted to bring a replacement for her.

I trialed both off-white fabric and Kona Ash and decided that, while it popped a bit more with the off white, I preferred the more subdued outcome with the Ash.  The rest was simple.  Just a little piecing between the rows of strips ... and I had a generous lap quilt that was ready to quilt.

The back was equally simple.  The stripped pieces were a little long ... I really didn't need to make a 73" quilt ... so I trimmed them back and pieced those along the back for a little visual interest.

The quilt by the numbers:

Dimensions:  48" x 60"
Fabric:  Solid strips (1.5" wide by various lengths).  Back and main quilt solid = Kona Ash.  Binding = Kona Chocolate.  Batting = 100% Cotton.

I was delighted to see it come to life so quickly and it has turned into one of my favorites!

Hope all is well out there in quilt land!!!

Have a great week.

All the best,

Vintage Airplane Baby Quilt

Friday, September 11, 2015

It has been way to long ...

What has happened since February?
  • We spent 3 weeks wandering around Ireland
  • Sold our Seattle house
  • I resigned from my job
  • We moved to our cabin on Hood Canal
What hasn't happened?
  • Quilting
That has now changed!

Vintage Airplane Baby Quilt
This is for Gavin.  I work with his mom and she commissioned me to make a vintage airplane quilt and bunting for his room.  

You guys may remember this from my post in February when i was trying to figure out how to do applique.  Then so much happened and it kind of fell by the way-side.

The challenge was in keeping the quilting loose enough and doing a straight machine stitch on all the raw edges instead of trying to use a zig zag stitch.  This picture isn't as good, but you can see the quilting on it better and see how keeping it light and broadly spaced helped.  

Here's the back.  The little green spot mid-quilt on the right is a smaller replica of the airplanes on the front of the quilt.  Gavin's full name and birthdate are on this mini airplane.  Mom had gray chevron elsewhere in the room, so tried to tie it in with the back here.

I am not normally a fan of borders ... but this quilt was so simple and with vast amounts of white space, it needed a bit more punch.  

This is a not-so-great picture of the bunting that I made for Gavin's room as well.  It's hard to take a picture of bunting ... but I was able to get it against an off-white background in the guest room at least.  Making the bunting was actually far easier than I had anticipated!  The trick was to create a light-weight cardboard template to put inside each piece to help get 11 even-triangles.  

While I resigned from my job in March, I agreed to stay at work until the end of the year.  So I am not quite ready to quilt full time ... but it's getting closer and I am getting back into it.

Hope you have all kept well and I look forward to posting more and getting back to reading more about what YOU have been up to!

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