Monday, March 22, 2010

Who got a quilt ???

The running joke around here for the past few months is that the dogs need a quilt too ... so ... for the dog lovers out there, or just to add a little levity to your day ...

Well ... it's not exactly a quilt ... it's more of a pad for them to curl up and lie on.

I couldn't resist when I saw the paw-print fleece on a 50%-off sale at JoAnns.  Turns out it wasn't 50% off -- but didn't know that until it got rung up. Since it was already cut and the cashier agreed the sign was misleading, she let me use my "single-item" 40% off coupon on two separate transactions. I felt it was a fair response.

Anyway ... back to the "dog quilt".  Since this is meant to go "under" not "over" the dogs I wanted to make it padded.  I used a double thickness of batting sandwiched between 2 layers of the paw-print fleece.  Then ... I decided to try practice a pebble stitch on it ... that was interesting.  It's WAY TOO THICK to easily quilt.  Three bobbins of thread and a LOT of shoulder muscles later, I finished the pebble stitching! 

It's 26" square ... the quilting alone caused it to shrink up about 3" in each direction.

I found a cute cotton binding with bones and paw prints.  Mind you, machine binding 2 layers of batting sandwiched between two layers of fleece took a little extra effort as well.

Madigan is posing for this shot, with Emma waiting in the wings.

I have enough to material to make a 2nd one for the other dog ... but this time I will definitely use a less intense quilting ;-).

It was a fun exercise ... but it might be a while before I get around to making the 2nd one ...

All the best


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  1. OMG! Love it! So cute! And your pebble quilting is fabulous! I love the look of it, but haven't tried it yet. I'm a little intimidated by it and a little scared to try! But yours really looks GREAT!!!!


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