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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I made a patchwork as a quick pull-together for a sick friend a couple of weeks ago ...

I had forgotten how much I actually like a patchwork and this got me back in the patchwork swing ...

So I made two last week (actually, several weeks ago, but had to wait for fabric to arrive for the backing to finish them).

The finished squares are 6" (6/5" uncut) and 8 columns x 10 rows makes a generously sized lap quilt at 4'x5'.

For the backs ... I had read a post from Emily @ QuiltyLove about using flannel sheets for quilt backing.  That caused me to google the subject of sheet backs for quilts (something I had read was a no no when I had first started quilting).  Lo and behold ... it is possible ... and I am really happy with how my first effort came out.

I didn't go with flannel, as I couldn't really find anything that I liked, but kinda had visions of a bold, dramatic back for the blue version.  So I looked on Target and found a nice tomato-soup color king size flat sheet $18.99.  It had a thread count of 300 (which was the highest that I read you should go).

I like the punch it gives the quilt and it does a great job of letting the quilting itself shine through on the back.  (Now if I could just get consistent color from my camera -- different issue for a different day).

For the green quilt version, I didn't see a solid that excited me, but ran into some 108" Amy Butler fabric that I knew would be perfect for the already completed quilt top.

I think that was just what the quilt was asking for ... don't you?

As for quilting, I have been trying to step out of my "meandering" phase and get a little more creative.  I had a great afternoon with Katie @ SewKatieDid taking her Walk the Line workshop last October.  And I purchased the book WALK from Jacquie Gering to help increase my knowledge and confidence.

For the blue version, I used Jacquie's Orange Peel pattern and then filled in a bit by doing horizontal and vertical stitching across the quilt in the middle of the blocks.

For the green version, I had completed half of the Orange Peel and when I laid it on the floor to mark the other direction, my eye saw a different approach and I filled in with the same pattern I had just used, but offset it by half a block.  I actually prefer this version to the previous one.  

In either event, I am happy that I have started to venture out with the quilting and am pleased with the results ... at least for these (I did have a failure that I will likely blog about at another time).

For now, these two quilts are now listed in my Etsy shop and I have started on a custom order for a friend which I know will stretch my skills!

Hope all is well out there.

All the best,

Quick quilt needed ...

Friday, February 2, 2018

We've all had them ... a need to pull together a quick quilt ...

This time ... it's for a high school friend that is waging a major battle with colon cancer ... he's been weak and fell and landed back in the hospital ... not where you want to be when you want to wage a major battle ...

I wanted something quick, masculine and vibrant ... I am pleased how the traditional patchwork filled all three requirements ...

I quilted the 6" blocks with the Orange Peel design from Jacquie Gering's quilting book Walk.  I followed the instructions in the book, but felt it left a little too much open space in the blocks, so I also quilted straight lines down the middle of the blocks, in both directions.  This shored it up a little and gave it a little more of the crinkle look I like ...

It's been too many years to mention since we were together in high school ... but I do hope that the quilt puts a smile on his face, at least for a few minutes as he opens it and knows that there are people out here who are truly rooting for him ...

Have a good weekend.

All the best,
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