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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The idea to start quilting came early last year when we were finishing our weekend cabin.  I knew that traditional quilts weren't for me, I wanted modern quilts ... problem was, I didn't know what that meant.  Searching Amazon for "modern quilt" books, found and ordered the Modern Quilt workshop and Denyse Schmidt Quilts and was now pointed in the right direction!!!

This year started wanting to design my first second quilt (lattice was really my first), but also watching an ever-growing scrap pile coupled with a limited quilting budget. Out of this grew United Scraps.  The scraps are a variety of materials from my 2009 quilts, unified in color blocks (red, blue, brown, yellow, green and pink).

As my taste has evolved over the past year, I have found myself drawn to quilts with vast expanses of solids (is this what they call negative space?).  United Scraps is my first attempt at incorporating that into a quilt.

The back is also scrappy with larger scrap pieces than the front, set in a see of white sateen.  

Oh ... and the binding ... splurged a little and used Hope Valley Thistle to complete the quilt. 

It was a perfect project for out at the cabin over the New Year weekend as our Pacific Northwest weather lived up to all expectations.  Only problem was the batting got left back in Seattle  ... oh well, got a head start on a few blocks for my next quilt which I hope to share soon. 

Overall ... I am pleased with my first attempt and looking forward to better photo-op weather for the next production ...  The quilt was mailed this afternoon as an apartment-warming present to a dear friend who recently moved from San Francisco to Manhattan.  Sooner or later ... I will keep one of these for us ...

All the best

3 comments: said...

I think your quilt, with the "negative" space is what draws me to it. I love it and I am going mark it as a favorite on Flickr so I don't forget about it.

Beth-Near Chicago

Lisa said...

Beth ... thanks so much!

Jen said...

i LOVE this quilt so much!

YAY for starting a blog! With all your beautiful quilts it's a great way to showcase them and get into a little more detail about them. I'm excited to read your blog!

Well...gotta get back to checking the rest of your blog out!

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