Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scrap Buster

Well ... I've joined Loft Creations No Strings Attached Challenge ... essentially, a challenge to use up some of that scrap pile with some creative string quilts.

I made my first string quilt last fall using the Film in the Fridge tutorial.

It was for Kaitlin's (my niece) 14th birthday.  And apparently it was a BIG hit with her and her girlfriends!  This has to be the funnest quilts I have made so far ... you have no idea what it's going to look like until you have finished each block.  And each block is so colorful ... it's very different from most quilts.  I opted to make the strips different widths ... removing the need to match all points and, in my opionion, creates a lot more movement in the quilt with the opportunity to add so much additional color. 

I went a little crazy and used any and all colors, but I think it could be fun to make with a color theme ... which might be one of my first trys with the challenge. 

I also designed and made this lattice quilt during the holidays as a Christmas present for my step-son and his wife. 

It's essentially a "reverse" string quilt.  Not sure that this will qualify under the challenge ... but worthy of a share.  This one is made with Arcadia and an off-white sateen from JoAnns. 

I do find string quilts to be time consuming ... probably because I choose to use the paper-technique ... but SO WORTH IT !!!


  1. I just love this quilt! I first saw it in your Flickr photostream. I've made a few string quilts and really enjoy making them. Look forward to your next string quilt.

  2. Thanks Rita ... I actually got the idea to join the challenge from your post. Thanks for the comment that led me there!

  3. already know how I feel about your lattice quilt! I'm super in love with it! I'm totally going to make one with a honey bun that I have. And I love your string quilt as well! It's beautiful!

  4. love your string quilt it is so colorfull!!!

  5. Wow; I heart this! I have a couple of honey buns that I have been looking for an ideal pattern in which to use them. I may have to consider this; it came out great!


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