Monday, January 11, 2010

Thrifted quilt

When I encountered my first "thrifted quilt" photo on Flickr last year, I remember reaching out to the photographer to ask what "thrifted" was.   

Last week I spyed 2 pillow shams for $0.99 at Value Village and couldn't resist using them as the inspiration for my first thrifted quilt.  This one is for keeps and will be for the sofa at the cabin.

I've been playing with block patterns (I design them on an excel spreadsheet) and came up with a floating block, inside a block that's pinned to the corner ... no idea what these are called in quilting terms.  There are actually 5 colors (including the stripe) and 5 different blocks (the green block isn't shown in the photo).  The blocks are almost complete and now I just need to fiddle with how to lay them out to make the quilt ... also struggling a little with what color thread to quilt it with ... thoughts?

We're heading back out to the cabin this weekend, so I'm hoping to get it completed before we go ... it will be nice to have quilt to cuddle under!


  1. This is beautiful. Can't believe you designed this yourself. I think the striped fabric really sets it off. Congratulations!

  2. thanks so much! Only my 3rd quilt that I've "designed" but am starting to get the hang of it!


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