Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tardy pillows and dye lots

For Christmas, my mom asked for 2 pillows to go with the quilt I made her for her 75th birthday gift last fall. 

Since pillow crafting was new for me, procrastination set in as I worked my way through the 7 quilts that needed to get done and mailed before Christmas. 

Well, Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I decided I was going to get these pillows done this weekend.  A quick trip to JoAnn's for supplies, a FABULOUS "How to sew a throw pillow cover in 10 easy steps" tutorial from Cottage Magpie and assembly started this afternoon.  The first pillow was relatively easy ... I pieced the front and following the tutorial, I was able to quickly put the rest together ... even adding a zipper to the back instead of letting it stay open (I like to really stuff the pillow and didn't want the back to pull open, figured a zipper would help).  The back is here.

I ran out of the cream material and decided to make a quick run down to JoAnn's to pick up an extra 1/2 yard.  Here's where I learned that dye lots ... even for cream colored materials ... matter.  The Material was Quilters Only in Banana ... I actually found 3 noticably different versions of this same fabric on 3 different bolts at JoAnns this evening.  I grabbed the one that was closest to my scrap and in the end ... it's OK.  Lesson learned ...
Anyway, the pillows are complete ... it was far easier than I expected and I may even attempt a few more for myself in the near future!

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