Sunday, January 17, 2010

Totally random patchwork

So ... we call them random patchworks ... but they are actually very carefully planned patchworks ... carefully making sure no matching fabrics touch, moving them around to ensure balance, painstakingly positioning complimentary colors next to each other and favorite patterns in more important positions in the quilt.

But what would a TOTALLY random patchwork look like?  A bit like this ...

and this ...

Comprised of equal parts of 4 Kaufman Kona solids on the front (Straw, OD Green, Parsley and Caramel), cut to 3.5" making ~3" patchwork squares.  I let them 'fall where they may' ... there was no eyeballing or planning.  After washing, it ended up just shy of 48" x 60".  It's quilted in a large meandering pattern with tan thread and the binding is a remnant I picked up at JoAnns a couple of months ago.

I have to say hooray for the color chart I bought from Pink Chalk Fabrics a few months back, as I was able to use it to pick out and order the Kona solids that I wanted ... from concept to finished quilt took less that 8 days ... thanks to speedy shipping from both Pink Chalk Fabrics and the Fabric Shack!

The back is mainly Kaufman Kona Mustard, pieced with 2.5" cut (~2.0" sewn) window frame squares. 

The inspiration came from the tile work in my master bathroom -- the front from the wall and the back from the tile treatment around the window.

While it clearly matches my home ... this one is also a gift and will go to my cousin's daughter who just bought her first home!


  1. Love the back! I am sure your cousin`s daughter will appreciate this gift.

  2. I too love the back. And I must say, you are so FAST! I wish I had the time to crank out quilts like you do! Beautiful work!


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