Saturday, January 9, 2010

She got the job !!!

The tulips are from a friend of mine who got a job offer this week!!!  I gave her the lead a couple of months ago and it turned into the perfect role for her ...

Given this economy ... I figured this was worthy of a mention and a celebration.  Congrats Jeannine!!!


  1. Congratulations to your friend! It must feel really good to help a friend find a job in this economy.

    I read your earlier posts too - welcome to blogland! I have been blogging a whopping two months or so. I love how your quilt style is evolving and look forward to seeing what you do next. I also love space in my quilts and need to incorporate more of it too.

  2. It does feel good! Thanks so much for the complement ... I've been a big fan of yours ever since I saw that magenta with white squares!


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