I LOVE the postman!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look what he brought me today!   Now the material is starting to become a regular event which I enjoy ... but the yarn ... it's new. 

Material first ... I love using solids in quilts.  Something about the simplicity of design ... anyway, I bought some Kaufman Kona solids for a quilt for my cousins daughter ... she has just bought her first house and I'm making a house-warming present for her.  The tile in this bathroom is my inspiration ... it works for tile ... why not a patchwork quilt?

Now ... the yarn.  I have never knitted a day in my life ... but I saw this scarf
on The Purl Bee and decided that maybe it was worth a try ...  The yarn was reasonable <$14 including shipping ... so all I need to buy is some knitting needles ... and a book on how to knit (I hear that they will be on sale at JoAnn's next week). And I'll be good to go!


Jen said...

all of it is beautiful! I knit. It's hard. Well not really "hard" but harder than crocheting, in my opinion! A scarf, a dishcloth...all manageable. But I've tried a baby blanket and realized it just takes me 10 times longer to knit a baby blanket vs. crocheting one. I think I actually like knitting better, as it's a little more fun for me; but I'm guessing that's because it's still rather challenging for me! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it! Can't wait to see the finished projects!

Lisa said...

uh oh ... my husband said that knitting was hard ... guess I didn't believe him. I'll let you now how it goes (or doesn't ;-).

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