The thread decision ...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So it came together pretty well ... tried a new combination of negative space ... which I like.  But struggling to figure out what color to quilt it.  I will likely do the back in green.  There's a lot of navy, so going too light won't work.

What do you think of a silver thread?  This is where my inexperience shows up ... I just haven't quilted enough to know how different colors will work.  All thoughts welcome!


Jen said...

I know that's the hard part, when you have some dark colors in the top as well! If you go with any light color thread, it's going to show up pretty vividly on the navy. Which still will be fine and look great. The tan color jumped out at me in this top. Maybe you could do a tan, beige, or taupe type color thread. I love beige (tan) w/ reds and blues. Good luck with your decision and I'm sure whatever you choose will look fantastic!

Mam said...

What a beautiful quilt. Will you be doing a tutorial?

Lisa said...

Mam ... I never thought of a tutorial ... what a great idea ... happy to do it!

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