Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scattered blocks - version 2

Scattered blocks quilt
UPDATE:  Thanks for the comments ... I've added a tutorial here.
This is my second version of Scattered blocks ... I posted here and here back in the fall when I was working on version one.  I actually started this version first ... but since this one is for ME ... it got back-burnered as I worked to meet birthday and holiday deadlines.
Quilt on the guest bed

The quilt is for my guestroom.  This is the bed that I use as my "design wall" when I am quilting in Seattle.  Back in the fall, when I was making this quilt for John's new grand daughter, Juliet, I really liked how the colors looked in this room.

Knowing I didn't have a lot of the fabric left, I designed this quilt to create a patchwork quilt with a more limited pallet of fabric

Varied size blocks ... scattered
I didn't have quite enough material left from Juliet's quilt, so I pulled some solids from my stash to add to the quilt. 
Quilt back
The back is pretty simple, with a little piecing of left-over squares from the front.

Here's the quilt in it's new home ... on my guest bed ... now I'm really looking forward to having some guests!

Quilt by the numbers:
  • 10 blocks x 12 blocks - of 5 1/2" blocks
  • Kona white for the sashing
  • Kate Spade pattern + solids for blocks
  • Pieced binding
  • Meandering quilting pattern in white thread
Hope your have a good weekend!

All the best


  1. the addition of the solids is so perfect - they really make the quilt sparkle. It looks wonderful in your guest room.

  2. Oh Lisa!! I LOVE THIS QUILT!! I know I asked before, but did you do a tutorial for this? I need to make one of these someday!!! This is such a WONDERFUL pattern!!! This may be my favorite, but I don't think I can say that because there are so many of yours that I absolutely LOVE!!

  3. Are you going to do a tutorial? I've got some Echo that this might be perfect for!!!

  4. Just wonderful - and yes, a tutorial as I have a fat 8th perfect for this.


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