Saturday, January 7, 2012

582 blocks ...

Queen size quilt back

The back was finished today ...

Queen size quilt front
The front was finished in September ...

440 blocks on the front 132 on the back ... oopps ... goes that math is 572 blocks, not 582 ;-)

Now ... I need to find the courage to pull it together and quilt it ...

All the best


  1. wonderful! the back could quite easily be a front! i guess that makes it reversable! i loveee your quilts! :)

  2. looks great! Your color pattern and color selection are spot on.

    You have to try some hand quilting. I bet you'd love it.

  3. Such a beautiful quilt! I really need to cut up my solids scrap box and make one of these!!

  4. So gorgeous!! Is the block arrangement random or is there a pattern that I'm not seeing?

  5. Thanks for the love everyone! Debbie, the blocks are totally random. Both in the colors they're composed of and the placement on the quilt. The only think I tried to keep an eye on was NOT to have two colors next to each other ... mostly successful at that.

  6. It looks fabulous...I love the back.


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