Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby blues and greens

A former colleague and his wife are expecting their first baby in February ... a little boy.  When I reached out to him to see what colors they were planning for the baby, he said he wanted to ask his wife.  She checked out my quilts on Facebook that night and said, "... haven't decided, love what you've made so far, and giving you full creative license ..."

Totally thrilled & flattered that they like my quilts ... but have to admit ... also felt a huge responsibility to lead the color choices for this new little lads room.

So I fell back on my recent design that I had created to use up my solid scraps last summer and pulled all the blues and greens I could out of my scrap bin and solid stash.

Awhile back, Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Franson! did a fabulous quilt with a giraffe on the front ... so I used that as my inspiration for the momma and baby giraffes on the back.

I also found some cute Michael Miller fabric for the binding (you can see my straight corners again in the photo below).

Used a light gray thread for relatively tight  meandering quilting.

We're expecting snow here in Seattle this week ... which is a big deal for us as the city only has very few plows ... so I doubt that I will get it over to momma and papa until the weekend at the earliest.

Hope you're having a great week!

All the best


  1. Just a super quilt. Great pattern and just love the giraffes on the back!

  2. This is really beautiful, I love the colours you've chosen and the motifs rock ;o)

  3. Lisa, that's amazing! I liked this design before, but in the blues and greens it's really striking! And I love that 2D Zoo print - perfect for the little giraffes!! Your friends are going to love it!!

  4. perfect, Lisa! It's beautiful!

  5. Love this quilt too! That mama and baby giraffe on the back are perfect - and cute too :)

  6. Lovely quilt, really like the back too.

  7. I so love this Lisa...beautiful colours, and the back, so cute.

  8. Darling quilt! Super cute giraffes.


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