Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vivienne's Quilt

Vivienne's mom, Shyla, spent some time with my Kona solid color swatches and picked out the color palette for her daughters quilt ... 

Things kinda got busy at work (fortunately, I work with Shyla ... so she gets it) but I did finally get started on the actual quilt in November (at least it was in Vivienne's birth year ;-).  One delay led to another until ... well, until this was finally delivered in time for Vivienne's 5-month birthday ...

The solids that she chose were:

The solids were her choice and then I added a few coordinating prints from my stash.  

What I found difficult about this effort was that Shyla is a designer ... not a quilt designer, but an extremely talented designer who worked in the marketing department of my former employer.  She had even done a few things on the side for me ... designing my quilt label as well as the T-Shirts for my husbands 70th birthday surprise party (needless to say, neither of these efforts do anything to help you understand how talented she truly is).

But designing a quilt for a designer is VERY hard work ... I was filled with angst about whether she would like the design.  

Shyla was creating a diagonal patchwork quilt for her older daughter ... so as we spent time at the white board talking through actual construction techniques, I learned a bit more about her likes and dislikes and settled for this relatively simple pattern.  

And it turns out she likes one-piece backs (well that was easy!!!).

In the end ... she loved it and is now proud to own two quilts from me ... the other I made for her older daughter's new toddler bed to say thank you for the work that Shyla had done for me.  

Hope all is going well for everyone out there.

All the best

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