Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Labor of Love ... the new Quilting Studio

As we made the decision last winter to sell the Seattle house and move to our cabin at Hood Canal ... I only had one concern ... our small foot-print, single-level cabin didn't have a place that I could dedicate to quilting.  

We looked at a number of online alternatives to buy a pre-built building ... but the costs were beyond what we were prepared to spend. 

Enter my amazing husband ... he knew that we needed a shed to store the kayaks among other things ... so he volunteered to build the shed first and then parlay what he learned on that into building a quilting studio.  Who could argue with that ?!?!?

"Back-yard" Quilting Studio
Right now, the plan is for the cutting table to go under the two windows and the sewing table under the smaller window.

Quilting Studio
There are 4 windows as well as the window in the door ... it should have great light!

The floor is Maui White Washed Oak by Hampton Bay (Home Depot).  Both paints are by Sherwin WIlliams.  The walls are Shiitake (SW9173) and the trim is Navajo White by (SW6126).  

So while I have been wrapping up work in Seattle ... my husband has been building me a quilting studio out here ... it is actually hard to put into words how much that means to me.

We partnered on the floor installation for the past two days and he wrapped up the trim yesterday.  It's done!

A couple of pics of the process ... it started with this.

The Creator!!!
The outside is still in "construction mode" and probably will remain just wrapped in paper until the rain lets up a bit.  

Hopefully the rain will let up enough tomorrow for us to move some of the furniture in (we desperately need to get our garage cleaned out ;-).   I am probably a week away from starting to get creative in here ... but I am looking forward to years to come !!! 

Hope all is well out there for all of you!

All the best


  1. Wow, Lisa - that husband of yours is a keeper! Would you like to bring him and come make an extended visit in the Nashville area?? LOL!

  2. I think you could make a fortune loaning him out to build all of us a dedicated little house to play in! Great job!

  3. That green glow coming from your computer screen? That's my envy over all the fabulous light you're going to have in that studio. You're going to have a wonderful space, made by a wonderfully talented guy. Hope you both love the new home.

  4. Thanks all for the lovely comments ... John is deservedly proud of his efforts and I can't help but know how creative I will be given the good vibes!

  5. It looks fabulous Lisa! You are going to be so creative in there. That is a good man - and very talented - that you've got there.


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