Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It has finally arrived ...

Yesterday was my first day of retirement!  I resigned in March 2015 ... and then stayed on a bit until my replacement could be found.  February 5, 2016, was my last day as an employee!

I am thrilled to be taking some time off ... it has been a long year.  While the goal is retirement ... reality is yet to be determined as John and I tighten our belts and determine what the real long term solution is.  

But more on that later ... for now, I am thrilled to have finished a new quilt ... albeit about a week late.

This quilt is for the guys that were my landlord over the past 7 months in Seattle.  They were great and I was so lucky to have such a beautiful fully furnished apartment in a lovely neighborhood within a reasonable drive to work.  

The feature colors are ones that they had in the had in the apartment and their taste is definitely modern.  The back is pieced to reflect the colors that are on the front.   

I also tried a different quilting pattern on this ... using a random, square/rectangular pattern.  I like the pattern it creates, but did have a bad day where a too-large pucker on the back, created 5 hours of quality time with a seam ripper ... no, not all good quilts are made easily ;-).

Large pucker on back ;-(

Random rectangle quilting
Quilt by the numbers:
  • Washed quilt = 63" x 51"
  • Kona Off White with 6 other solid colors from my stash
  • Off white cotton thread
  • Binding is Honey Hive by Michael Miller from Emma's Garden collection
This will get dropped in the mail to them next week when I am back in town.  

Thrilled to be back ... and looking forward to having more time to peruse the quilting world again!

All the best,

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  1. This is such a great quilt! I am sure it will be appreciated and well swooned over! :)


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