Friday, February 12, 2016

Seahawks quilt

What does a quilter give a dear friend who turned 65 in December ... why a quilt ... that's what ... 

And this one actually got delivered on time!  Needless to say ... he's a Seahawks' fan.

Since I didn't sell this and only made it for a friend's personal use ... I am going to assume that there's no copyright infringement ... I take this stuff seriously ... so please do let me now if you think that's a problem ... at least I will know better going forward.  

I picked up some cute chevron print for the binding at JoAnn's ... sadly, all my Seattle LQS's have now closed ... now that I am out on the Peninsula ... I shall need to look for more.

I traced the logo from the computer screen onto tracing paper.  Then I put it in a copier machine and kept blowing it up until I got the correct size for what I was going after.  Then I used Heat & Bond to both stabilize the image, as well as, to adhere it to the fabric.  I used a small zig zag stich, to permanently attach the image to the quilt top.

Simple back with some pieced fabrics from the front and back ... and of course, the label.

The Seahawks didn't make it to the Superbowl this year ... but this quilt will likely keep Rodney and team sitting pretty for at least the next couple of seasons!

All the best!

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