Thursday, February 2, 2012

Curves Introduction

Well ... I am very excited about my first ever quilting class!

Rachel @ Stitched in Color is offering a class on Curves ... she asked us to do a brief intro of ourselves for the rest of the team ... so my apologies to the rest of you!

I have been quilting for 2 1/2 years, I've learned a lot, but it's all be self-taught, so this will be a welcome change ... someone telling me how to do it the first time instead of me having to do it 3 times before I figure it out!

My goal with this class is to make a built for a little girl who will be joining the world in May.  While not afraid of curves ... not willing to take them on without some instructions.

My Flickr ID is also Shiners View.

I will leave you with two images ...

The 1st quilt I made

My most recent quilt (tutorial)
Looking forward to the class ...


  1. Thanks for introducing yourself, Lisa! A curvy quilt for baby is definitely doable. In fact... there are two baby-sized quilts in the class. I'll look forward to seeing yours!!!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing this class! I really wanted to but just have too much on my plate right now. It looks like Rachel has done a great job in the way she has it organized. Have fun!

  3. Happy to meet you. I think this is the THIRD new baby on the way so far. :) You new moms will have such cute stuff for the babykins.

  4. Oh oh oh - I absolutely LOVE your latest quilt. How on earth did you achieve the placing on it?

    1. Thanks Kim! I've now posted the link to the tutorial in the bottom of the photo. It's a really simple quilt to make ... but it it time consuming as there is a fair amount of piecing to do. The beauty of it is that once all the blocks are made it's really easy to put together because there are no seams to match up!

  5. Both quilts are lovely! I am also planning to make things for a baby in this class, well my baby. I am pregnant and due July 25th so I plan to turn every project into something for the baby. Great to meet you and great blog!


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