Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pillow from home ...

Seattle Pillow
Soon, this will be the front of a 12x16" pillow ... once you give me a little advice!

First, the background.  It's a small gift for my lovely cousin who recently left Seattle on an adventure to see the U.S. as a traveling nurse.  Having sold most of her belongings, she packed the remainder into her car and she's just arrived at her first assignment in Atlanta.

She was the recipient of one of my first quilts when she graduated from nursing school 2 years ago.  I am flattered that quilt is with her on this journey.  The goal this time was to make her something small to remind her of her roots and those who love her back home.

My initial plan was to include some of Seattle's iconic features, Mt. Rainier, the Space Needle, perhaps an evergreen or two and then the word HOME appliquéd.

It's gotten a little more grandiose than I had planned ;-).  A little Googling of iconic Seattle features, coupled with the word silhouette, produced some pretty cool images that I was able to trace and apply to the pillow cover.

For those of you unfamiliar with Seattle's skyline ... we really do have a 14,000' mountain that feels like she hovers over us on clear days!

I'm actually quite pleased with what I have so far.  But I am now at that point we sometimes get to ... where I like what I have, but am afraid to take the next step ... because then I might not like it ...

Here's what it looks like laid on a pillow:
While I like it ... it's not complete and it's a little to monotone -- Black, white and several shades of gray.  I only want to add it if will enhance ... the original intent had been the HOME appliqué in the bottom right corner.  I could have an Evergreen or two on the right to bring in new color.

But none of them really thrill me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what this might need or what might help complete it?  I am going to use some color on the back ... but do I need any on the front?

Would welcome any thoughts anyone has!

Thanks in advance,

All the best


  1. Oh I would keep to the monochrome front - a white tree with black pine cut out applique on top - it would pull the white & black from the other side for a nice flow.

  2. I just love the monochromatic, modern look you have going! Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio showed a quilt yesterday where her quilter included words but made them stand out by not quilting that area. In other words, the background is more heavily quilted leaving an unquilted area that is the letters of the word. I think that kind of subtlety might just work for your piece.

  3. I like it! Well actually, i LOVE it! I like it how it is, but as the commenter above said, maybe a couple black silhouetted pine trees on the right side up by the horizon, would look nice. I think keeping it the black greys and whites look really nice for the front. this is really cool as it is though, if you decide to go that route. I'm going to shoot you an email about this...I have a question!

  4. Oooh, I love it, Lisa! And I love it monochromatic - but if you wanted to add subtle color, you could always "thread paint" Mt. Rainier - since it's only grey on rainy days! You have a lucky cousin.....

  5. That is the coolest cushion ever!

  6. I saw your link up at "Confessions of a Fabric Addict" I believe, and clicked over because I have lived in Seattle for the last 14 years and am now "temporarily" in San Antonio while my husband works on a project for Boeing. I'm hoping to get back to those grey skies soon! I love this project in the monochromatic because well, sometimes, that's just how it is in Seattle. The summers, not so much, and the evergreens (oh how I miss the evergreens!) make it the "Emerald City." Maybe back the pillow with an evergreen color, but I do love the front being all monochromatic!

  7. the space needle needs a red light atop! ;)

    Love it! I think it's perfect just like it is!

  8. I think it looks fantastic with monochrome setting. Very distinctive and dramatic.

  9. Hi Lisa, what a beautiful pillow. The design is absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. Hi--this is a great idea! What about stitchin' in a killer whale or a ferry outline? If you aren't busy this weekend (17-18) come on over to Silverdale to the Kitsap Quilters Quilt Show--I'd love to meet up!


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