Tuesday, February 1, 2011

String + Pillow = Housewarming present

Quilt top and matching pillow top
This is for one of the first friends I met when I moved to Seattle 7 years ago.  She was young and newly married and we worked for a start-up back in the dot.com era.  Seven years have brought her much change ... two lovely children and most recently ... a brand new, very modern, house!  She and her husband tore down their home and started from scratch ... I got to watch the evolution on her blog over the past year and John and I got our tour of the new place just before Christmas.

It's a VERY modern place ... and I felt it needed a VERY modern quilt ... which is how this pattern appears to me.  She's in early stages of decorating ... so her color pallet has yet to evolve.  But the kitchen and baths are all grounded in gray and they have gray concrete floors.

My goal was to use gray's as the base color and then build with a variety of warm colors (hence no blues).  So off I headed to the LQS to buy my fabrics ... yup ... buy my fabrics for a string quilt.  I know, they are meant to use of scraps ... but when one doesn't have much of a stash ... and wants to make a special quilt ... it's off to the quilt store (yes, the fabulous women who work at the shop laughed at me too ;-).

How about a 2-sided pillow?
I am not exactly sure which is the front and which is the back ... but love how it came out and Sew Katie Did's invisible zipper tutorial certainly made it a lot easier!

Pertinent facts:
String quilt tutorial by Ashley @ Film in the Fridge
8.5" blocks
Pieced backing
Quilt is 64" x 48"
Binding pieced from gray fabrics 
Invisible zipper tutorial by Katie @ Sew Katie Did

Pillow 18" Home Elegance form from JoAnn's

And I hope it looks as good in her living room as it does on my bed!

All the best


  1. Well despite the fact that you went out and bought fabric specifically for a string quilt(!), I LOVE it! Well done.

  2. Wonderful quilt and pillow. I made a heart strings quilt for a friend's birthday 2 years ago. Love that pattern.

  3. This is great! I can only imagine how many weeks it took to make this! These blocks are so time consuming! What a wonderful gift to give a friend! It looks beautiful!

  4. What a lucky friend. These are fabulous gifts. Love that quilt!

  5. It's a spectacular quilt and pillow! Nice job!!

  6. Gorgeous - your friend is soooooo lucky.


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