Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hectic week

Started with an email at 11AM Monday morning from my dad, letting me and my 3 siblings know that my mother's knee replacement surgery had gone well at 8AM that morning ...

What ........................... knee replacement surgery ... huh ?!?!?!?

So for you parents out there who don't want to worry your kids ... worry them ... because otherwise they are left wondering what other stuff you are keeping from them ;-)

Remember this?
Graduation Confetti
I blogged about it here.  A high school graduation present for my niece last summer.

She's now attending the University of Wyoming on a track scholarship and we had the chance to go see her Friday night here in Seattle at a track invitational for the University of Washington.  She ran the 5000m, came in 2nd in her heat and broke the record at her school for this event ... not bad for a Freshman.

With my mom's knee replacement, my parents were not able to get up here (they live about an hour south of Seattle) to see her in her race last night.  But my angel of a husband went down to Tacoma this morning to sit with my mom and my dad drove up and I took him over to visit with his granddaughter.
Proud Grandpa
I didn't get much else done this week or weekend ... but seeing Christine run and the smile on her grandfather's face today ... well it was definitely a great week ...

So the giveaway ... definitely on for next week.

All the best


  1. What a lovely story! That made me a bit teary. Hope your mum recovers quickly :-)

  2. What a lovely way to spend a weekend!!

  3. it is so nice that you had the time to visit...i hope your mom is feeling good!

  4. Your dad is so cute! I got a little teary eyed!


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