Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lesson to be learned

So here's what happened ... while I used the Color Catcher, the blue and white fabric in the center of the following star was also a magnet for the loose red dye in the wash (kind of its own 'color catcher').  

  In the following photo ... you can see how the material in the center has turned pink ... I have also laid a piece of unwashed fabric below the star, which really reflects what happened.  The background to the star points has also turned somewhat pink.  Though not quite as much as the center.

After the first wash ... there was some pink extending beyond the star and into the white sashing.  That seems to have come out with the 2nd wash.
I am not thrilled with the 'pink' stars, but agree with John, that, "if you didn't know"...

What are your thoughts?

I will try to get some overall photos of the quilt this week to share ... will reserve final judgement for a day or two.  


  1. I think I need to see the quilt as a whole. From the pictures, it almost has a beige, taupe or gray hue to it. But ya know, even if it is a little pink-ish, I think it will be fine! Overall, I'm sure it looks fine. And honestly, who would even know! It's not like the whole white area is pink, just a few blocks have some in it and looking at it against the white background, it just looks like it's how the fabric is suppose to be. I know you KNOW it was supposed to be white, I think anyone else wouldn't even notice it at all! And looking again at the blue and while block, I kinda like how it has a different hue b/c before the outer points weren't very noticeable.

  2. Like Jen said, I would need to see the entire quilt, but the pink coloring looks like an intentional faint red!

  3. oh no it's no fun when that happens! I'm with the others it's hard to tell from these pictures but I think most of the time the flaws in our quilts are not at all obvious to others. I'm pretty sure if I had not known I would not notice. It will be fine :-)
    Love that blue fabric btw!

  4. I would look upon it as a happy accident and if you are giving it to a non-quilter (which I believe you are) then they won't be looking that closely anyway!

  5. I hate it when reds run! I always promise myself I will prewash them twice, but then I never remember. It looks a lot better after the second wash. I bet it looks fine in the quilt as a whole.

  6. I agree - if you didn't know it happened, you wouldn't notice it!


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