Monday, February 21, 2011

And the winner is ...

And #28 is Kati who blogs at from the blue chair!

My thanks to ALL of you who played in my first blog giveaway ... it was a brilliant exercise to learn not just what people liked and disliked ... but to see the blocks through others peoples eyes and understand the why!  I learned a lot about patterns, color and composition through this exercise ... so my thanks to all of you!

And now a little of that analytical mind ... there were a total of 78 votes, 41 likes and 37 dislikes.

  • There were a total of 29 blocks
  • Six blocks recieved no votes either way 
  • Nine blocks had at least one person like them (but no dislikes)
  • Four blocks had at least one person dislike them (but no likes)
  • Most interesting to me ... ten blocks had both 'like' and 'dislike' votes!!!
There was a clear winning block ... 7 readers chose block #26 as their favorite.  They like the "dots, colors, mix of fabrics and overall composition".
Block #26
There was also a clear loser ... a total of 9 readers chose Block #23 as their least favorite (and no one claimed it as a favorite).  It was "blah, monochromatic, and just didn't fit as the only single colored, solid block".
Block #23
As I mentioned, there 10 blocks that had votes from readers that were both 'likes' and 'dislikes'.  Most intriguing was block #6 ... 3 readers called it their favorite and 5 readers called it their least favorite block.
Block #6
So it was great fun to see this quilt through multiple sets of eyes.  I will post photos when it's complete ... using the TV room as my quilting room makes it a bit of a challenge when I am actually quilting ...

Oh ... and my favorite?  Block #21 ...
Block #21
All the best


  1. Yay, my fav. block was in the the majority. And I knew your favorite block. I'm surprised about the solid block. I like adds something different. Though not my "favorite" it's definitely not a "loser" in my mind! Great post, and great giveaway.

    Yay Kati!! COngrats!

  2. I agree with Jen, the solid block was a nice resting point in the composition. Not the best, certainly not the worst! And #26 was my fav, too!


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