Friday, February 4, 2011


Our Rais Stove
Love coming out to the cabin ... but must admit the first hour or so can be mighty chilly.  We turn the heat down to to 50F when we're not here ... enough to keep the pipes from freezing ... but a might chilly when we first arrive!

We debated a fireplace or wood burning stove when we were designing this place.  We loved the thought of an open fire, but knew that a wood burning stove would be so much more efficient.  Then I ran across this stove (Rais out of Sweeden) on line ... best of both worlds.  We can see the fire, but it's completely enclosed, which makes it both safer and more efficient. 

It quickly heats up the main room and there is usually a dog lying in front of it ... they are convinced we put the extra throw rug there for them to lie on ... not as added protection for the area rug.

Good thing I am married to the expert fire builder!

Have a great weekend!

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