Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks for sharing your creations ...

This is why I am so appreciative of all of the talented people who share their photos, tips and techniques on blogs and Flickr.
As I posted over the weekend ... I found an inspiration on Flickr and some instructions on creating the actual blocks on another blog. 

But what I really get from the plethora of great work out there is ... confidence.  After 17 months of quilting, I believe I do a decent job on piecing, getting my points pretty close and am brave enough to try some interesting color combos (but then again ... what doesn't go with white ;-).  Where I am still growing ... a lot ... is the actual quilting.  That's where I really appreciate what people share.

I am willing, with in reason, to try new things, even new quilting techniques ... but invariably, I get part of the way through a project with a new technique ... like this one ... and I get disappointed.   I am still learning to envision what a finished quilt will look like ... and new quilting techniques throw me for the biggest loop.  In part, because it's the combination of the 'quilting' and the 'washing' that create the feel that I really like in a quilt ... and when I am quilting it, I only get to see 1/2 of the effect. 

When someone compliments me and/or uses one of my quilts as an inspiration ... I am totally thrilled!  In my 17 months as a quilt viewer, I've seen that not everyone has the same positive feelings.  But for those of you who do ... thanks!  Thanks for sharing, thanks for offering advice, thanks for getting excited when someone gets inspired by your fabulous work!

I had an inspiration ... and I know in the end, that this quilt will turn out as lovely as that one and it will provide joy to the new parents of a little girl.  But for all those crazy moments in the middle ... thanks ... to all of you ...

 All the best.


  1. Hi Lisa. You have picked out lots of advantages of blogs and web photos - the disadvantage is that I'm here reading about YOUR projects, not getting on with mine! Lovely quilting, it really defines the coloured whirly gigs


  2. This is going to look great! (well it already does look great, but you know what I mean!) I love seeing finished quilts!


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